Another year has gone by! Good times! Honestly, I have never really been a big birthday person. I don’t know if it stems from when I was a kid, or just my personality. My parties as a kid were always mostly family, and once we moved to the US, that meant just my mom and dad, maybe one or two of my friends, my sister, and a nice dinner at my favorite restaurant (Corvette Diner- it’s a 50’s style diner, and I was really into Elvis Presley as a kid). That’s my kind of birthday… and I loved it.

So that’s basically what we did this year. Kinsey and I went and grabbed lunch together, a couple of my buddies met up with us, and we hit up the Third Eye Blind concert, then Kinsey and I rolled out to Big Al’s bar with a random dude that Kinsey was trying to set up with her sister. I didn’t see him after we got to Al’s bar. haha.

jsi-blog-032116-picNow, there was a poll on what I should wear on my birthday. The day before, Kinsey was in the kitchen working on something, and she was adamant about me not walking in and seeing what she was making. I respected her wish, and did not enter the room again. So that night, as I am taking a shower, the “I can’t keep surprises to myself” Kinsey made an appearance and she asks if I want to see what she made. I said sure, because she’s going to show me anyway. Turns out she had made us shirts to wear. Hers said “José all day” and mine said “birthday babe”… yup, “birthday babe”. As a dude, I automatically could tell that this could potentially be bad news bear for me… especially in a public setting around other dudes… dudes that would be drinking heavily, because we were going to a St. Patrick’s Day Parade after party. After party means they have been drinking all day, and have now taken it to the next level. I knew I would end up wearing it, which I did. You know why? Because who cares what people think. Seriously. I have cared what people thought of me in the past, and all that got me was feeling self-conscious all the time. Always questioning myself. This is something I have tried working on with Kinsey’s help. I could tell how proud Kinsey was with her shirts, and she made “birthday babe” because she calls me “babe”. I wore my shirt. You know what? Nobody made fun of me… or I didn’t hear anyone making fun of me, and if they did? Who cares! I had a blast with my wife. That’s all that matters!

Also, thank you for all the birthday wishes, truly means a lot!

Much love,

birthday babe