I had my first travel weekend of the year. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a tough one. Jenna and I kicked it off on Friday at the Apollo’s Bal Masque Mardi Gras event in Baton Rouge. It was basically a nice dinner, with a parade of super awesome costumes. Jenna and I were there to emcee it and have some cocktails, which is a job I am willing to do anytime, anywhere. haha. It was a fancy event too. Black tie and everything. Jenna and I decided to get into the theme (Opposites Attract), so she went dressed as little red low cut hood, and I was the big bad wolf… or puppy, which is what people kept calling me.

From that event, I broke away from Jenna and Greg Jake Radio Name, and headed out to the airport to make my way to Phoenix to cover a red carpet for our TV show, Dish Nation. We covered the Direct TV Super Bowl party. Why? Because that was supposed to be the biggest party that night. Rihanna performed… and she had a special guest: Kanye West! They sounded super awesome. There was a rumor that Sir Paul McCartney would be performing with them as well, but that did not happen. It’s all good though, because the show was excellent, regardless. Now, the cool thing about working a red carpet, is getting ignored by all most of the “A list” celebs. Just kidding, it actually hurts your feelings. Nick Jonas, for example, a dude who we had on the show a couple of times, someone I feel our show has a good relationship with, completely passed by me, made eye contact, and gave me the “no interview” love. John Legend and Chrissy Teagan did the same, but I still love them. No hard feelings. It’s ok to get snubbed from time to time, because you get to see who is inside at the party. That means I get the inside scoop, and can look for them once the red carpet is over, and we get inside. Somehow, these famous people disappeared inside. The only famous people I saw inside were Mark Cuban, who is always super nice, Rihanna, and Kanye (but I only saw them because they were performing). There must have been a secret celebrity area that was impossible to get to.

My stay in Phoenix was short, but fun. Caught a flight out the next day at 6 am. Yup, no sleep J-Si was in full effect all weekend, so I apologize for this week in advance. I took an UberX from the hotel. UberX is a regular civilian in their personal car giving rides. So you get random people giving you rides. I ended up getting a guy who was really into selling cologne and perfume out of his trunk, and who happened to be a rapper. Its 4:50 am, I am dead tired from no sleep, and he decides to play his CD for me, THE. WHOLE. RIDE. THERE. I can’t be mad at him, he is getting his music into people’s ears, I can’t be mad at him for hustlin.

jsi-blog-pic-020215I got on my plane, headed to Denver (why? I don’t know, layovers are a mystery to me), then headed south, and ended up at home. Best feeling ever! Nothing beats walking into your house to be greeted by your kids, who have the “daddy’s home dance” ready to go. Yes, we have a “daddy’s home dance”. I was wondering where my son learned his moves, and quickly realized that he learned them from me. He just happens to be better at them than I am, because he actually looks cute doing them.