My son was genuinely mad at me yesterday, for the first time ever. Sure, we have had him get mad at us for making him eat veggies, or clean his room, or because we didn’t want to give him a cookie or candy. This was different. Cason was at school yesterday. I got home from work as Kinsey put Chloe down for her nap. I took that as an opportunity to get a nap in myself, because those are really tough to come by now a days. Kinsey said she would go pick Cason up, and all would be great with the world.

I put my phone in sleeping mode. I have it set up so that I will only receive calls from Kinsey, my mom, or my dad. Just in case there is an emergency. I closed my eyes, and drifted. Then I was awakened by my phone going off. It startled me, and I noticed that it was Kinsey. I got a bit of an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I answered and waited to say anything… mostly because I had sleepy voice, and because I wanted to assess what was happening. I didn’t hear screaming, so I knew she did not get into a car accident or anything like that… so I exhaled. Before I could say “hello”, Kinsey was saying, “Jose come help me.” I got scared again. She sounded stressed, and was crying. I asked what was wrong, and she said she was in a parking lot and could not drive because she was extremely nauseous. She was completely fine 15 minutes prior to that, so I was confused, plus the whole just waking up thing did not help. I told her I couldn’t do anything because of Chloe was still sleeping. We end up getting a hold of a friend of ours. Luckily, her kids were in school, so she said she could go pick Kinsey up, and bring her home. By the time that happened, we were already half an hour late to pick Cason up. Kinsey looked rough, she looked like she had rolled around some concrete, which is exactly what happened. She barely made it out of her car and her stomach hurt so bad that she rolled around the ground, in front of a random guy, who was probably super weirded out.

late-to-pick-up-revSo I start heading out to Cason’s school. Traffic is not very nice on the way to his school because of a bunch of construction. So what does the man in me want to do? Find a short cut. Guess what ended up happening? I got lost. By the time I got back on track and reached his school, I was a full hour late. I ran into the school, made my way to his lil classroom, and there was my son. Saddest moment ever. He was sitting in a chair, curled up in a ball, crying quietly, cuddling with his teddy bear. I said his name, he looked up at me and said, “you forgot me, papa?” I told him we did not forget about him, but in his mind we had, because he came back with, “you forgot me.” He came over to me, I picked him up and he started crying a little more, so I asked him why he was crying, and he said “because you forgot me.” The ride home was a quiet one. None of the usual things we do. No singing, dancing, or chatting. He kept quiet. I tried to loosen him up…

We got home, Kinsey was in bed sleeping, Chloe was with our friend, Cason went inside and sat on the couch. Worst feeling ever. I spent the rest of the day trying to play with him, color with him, dance… nothing. He was genuinely mad at me and Kinsey. Or maybe it was more sadness. I don’t know. I am just hoping that he forgets all about it today, and returns to normal. Or, this will be the moment he talks about to his therapist while laying on some couch, and talks about his broken relationship with his dad… that may be too far. At least Chloe wasn’t mad at me. So that’s good.

This will pass… right? Hope so. Thank god we had someone who could help us out during this situation. These are the moments when not having family in town really hits hard. So what happened to Kinsey? We are not sure, but she had eaten some fish dish with her sister for the first time in her life, so she thinks that may have done it. I don’t think Kinsey will be eating fish again anytime soon. She also thinks it may be some medicine that she took for her allergies. That remains a mystery. Maybe we can figure it out when we go pick her car up today.