J-Si’s Blog: We like to potty all the time!
J-Si’s Blog: We like to potty all the time!

If you really want some crazy good birth control, put your teen around some potty training parents. This is one of the subjects that is incredibly touchy. The views on this varies quite a bit from parent to parent. I have been judged on Facebook, because my son is still in diapers at two and a half years old… and it’s not just light judgement, it was the rude type of judgement.

That is the last any person with a lil one needs: judgement. It can honestly ruin your day. But, Kinsey and I decided that we would do what is best for our family, and that was to wait it out until Cason showed us that he was ready. Here’s the thing, if you are reading this and have a kid you are getting ready to potty train, they will eventually learn. Who cares when that happens? Chances are, that by the time they are 3 or 4, they will be all set, and if not. Who cares, they will get it one day. That goes with everything: talking, walking, crawling… and so on. We are humans, we are different, but we all end up learning what we need to learn.

We decided to just randomly ask Cason if he wanted to go potty. He started understanding the concept of it, and would tell us he had to go potty, when he had already done so. So he was a bit late on the announcement, but he was starting to understand. For some reason, last week, he got up and said, “I gotta go pee pee!”. We took him to his potty, and although the first time was a lil messy, he went in the potty. We were stoked! This started happening more and more. I looked up techniques on teaching boys. Some said to use cheerios to help him aim. Others said to take him outside in the backyard, so he can get used to it and controlling it. So we do a mixture of both.

mickey-mouse-underwearBut, on Friday, we got a first! He went #2 in the potty. Full on, like a champ! He was stoked! So we were feeling like hot-shot parents because of this. We got him some Mickey Mouse underwear, got him some pull-ups, all that good stuff.

Fast forward to Sunday. Our friends invited us over to their pool. They just bought a new house, just put the grass in the backyard two weeks ago, everything is awesome. This is where we had our first challenge. We were in the backyard, and Cason announced his need to go potty… all 13 adults in the backyard loved it, but we had not gone over this drill. What do we do in public? He is scared of big toilets, and our friends just got new grass, and some people are weird about that because it can kill the grass. Our friend grabbed him and said he should pee by the tree in the backyard. Perfect. That way he can potty, we all cheer, and his confidence builds.

So there is my son, standing in front of this tree, he pulled his trunks down, and went pee pee on the tree. Kinsey and I are sitting there like proud parents, which quickly turned into embarrassment. All of the sudden, Cason started doing a weird arching, he tensed up, and did a slight squatting motion… just like that he shot a torpedo, without warning. The cheering went from “yay Cason!!!!”, to a synchronized gasp from everyone, to dead quiet. Everyone looking around to see what should be said or done. Kinsey and I sat there with our hands over our mouths, saying “sorry” over and over again.

Like nothing, Cason turned around, pulled his shorts up and screamed, “I went poo poo!!! Yay!!!!!! I poo poo potty!!!!!”

Daddy ended up cleaning it up, with a plastic bag… I never thought I would have to do that with my son. With my dog? Yes, it’s expected, but my son?!?! Hey, at least he is getting the concept. To think, we will have to do this all over again with Chloe… Good times!