J-Si’s Blog: Well, how do we fix this?
J-Si’s Blog: Well, how do we fix this?

My lil girl is gonna turn 2 in a couple week!!! With the birthday comes a party… because my wife is all about that mom life. She has gotten wiser with the party thing. This time, we are not doing it at our house, because the set up and the cleanup is a whooping. Instead, she reserved a spot at a park. Is it going to be a whooping? I don’t know, I’ll tell you once I find out if it’s going to be extremely hot that day. I am a big fan of just having a small lil get together until the kids can actually remember having a party. But, my wife loves getting her mom friends together, and letting the kids have fun for one day… and Kellie Rasberry loves looking at the “hot husbands” that my wife’s married friends.

Yesterday, an evite was sent out by my wife, and within 3 minutes of my RSVP (she made me RSVP, because it would “look bad” if I didn’t, even though I am paying for the party, and will definitely be there because I will be driving) she came into the room saying, “Jose, no way!!!” I personally think it flows better when one says “no way, Jose!” But, that’s just me. I thought I was in trouble for my reply to the RSVP which was: “I will be there… unless we end up on Maury and she turns out not to be my baby.” Sometimes my wife doesn’t like my messing around because some people could take that as a serious comment. I find them fun and refreshing. However, she was not mad at me. She was mad at herself… why?!?!

jsi-blog-082515I’ll tell ya why. My wife was looking at the list, and started noticing names of people she never talks to, people she’s never met, and some people who she is friends with, who don’t have kids. They were on the list. She wanted to take them off because, lets be honest, people with no kids don’t like kid parties. I totally get it. Also, we don’t want strangers there. Where did these names come from? I don’t know. But, Kinsey decided that if you cant delete them, mark them as a “no”, problem solved. Nope. They still got the email, which means they have the info, which means they can change that answer to “yes”.

So the question is… do we just write those people an email and say, “our bad, you are not invited”? I can do that to the randoms, but the actual people we know may be slightly awkward, because what if they do want to come now because they are getting baby fever. I guess she should have listened to my idea of keeping super small and chill, but that’s just my opinion 🙂 Instead, I barely got any sleep because Kinsey kept waking me up with ideas on how to fix it last night. For example: hiring a bouncer (no, that’s too expensive and ridiculous to have a 2 year old party). That one came in at midnight. Or switching locations without an email, and I stay at the first location and tell people where to go (no. that’s a whooping for me, and the people who have drive to another park). That one came in at 2 am.

That said, that is why I love my wife. She makes life fun and interesting everyday for me 🙂