I have been told that once communication stops, your relationship goes down the drain. Yes, communication is key. But what do you do when technology is the one trying to hold you down? Maybe my wife’s phone fell in love with her and is trying to stop her from communicating with me. Like that “Her” movie, minus the creepy Joaquin Phoenix mustache. Do we rely too much on technology now? Yup. My son hid my phone all day yesterday, and I didn’t even bother looking for it all day. I felt free. Just kidding, I was flipping out, because I knew the most incredible opportunity would come my way and I didn’t have my phone.

Back to the phone issue I was discussing. My wife made the switch from an iPhone to Samsung. She figured that iPhone started copying what they were doing, so she might as well go with them. She’s loving the switch, although there is some getting used to with the new features. That all goes away with time. We did start noticing that Kinsey was not receiving texts from her bffs… and most importantly me! I was trying to coordinate meeting up on Saturday because we both had separate events. It turned into sending texts with no response. Which leads to the “why is she ignoring me?” question. The message even said delivered. It even led to the text we all send when we get ignored: “Hellooooo?!?!” Nothing.

message-iphoneI ended up calling her when I got out of the surprise party I was at. She picked up like there was nothing happening. I asked her why she had not texted me back. She said it was because there was nothing to text back to. We held that off until the next morning, and that’s when we figured out that anyone in her phone, who has an iPhone, cannot get through to her because the messages are being sent as an iMessage. Yup, iPhone is sabotaging my wife’s contact list. So anyone, who has trying to contact my wife, has been ignored… accidentally. Thanks iPhone.

Now, how the heck does she fix that? Because now I have to type the message, hit send, the click on the message and send it as a text message. It’s a whooping… first world problem. Advice is welcome. how does she get rid of the iPhone iMessage curse?