Shanon and I took our first trip together. I just thought about it. We have been working together for six and a half years, and we have never taken a work trip together. So this was a fun first. We headed out to Bend, Oregon to host a Halloween party at the infamous baseball field where Kidd got confused. That’s still the big talk around town. Did we have a blast? Yes! You are probably wondering what we dressed up as. I ended up dressing up as a football player, and Shanon wore all black, and poured flour on herself in the owner’s bathroom. Yup she went into the bathroom in the office of the owner of the baseball team and poured flour on herself. This was both hilarious and helpful. Why? Because Shanon made a white trail everywhere she went. It was greatness.

Unfortunately, we were only in Bend for a short amount of time. In fact, we spent more time traveling there and back, than we spent there. Yeah, getting to and from the northwest is a lot tougher than I expected, but it is really beautiful up there! I did manage to decline Shanon’s invitation to watch Magic Mike on the plane. The problem was that I caught myself trying to look at the screen because the movie looked pretty good. So now I am pretty interested in watching the actual movie… is that weird? It’s just a movie. Plus, I have always been curious about the trials and tribulations of being a male stripper. It would actually be watched for educational purposes.

Anyways, we made it back by 9:30 PM. I went home, and changed into my Halloween costume and went to a party with Kinsey. It is impossible not to be moody after traveling all day long. I actually was able to get out of my funk at around midnight. Kinsey dressed up as Dia de los Muertos and kept trying to speak in Spanish. Problem is that she only knows the words that Cason knows. Good times had by all, few clothes worn by women. Typical Halloween. I will say that this was the first time I have ever made an appearance in public in nothing but spandex. There’s a first for everything.

So one night, Kinsey and I are at a hoochie Halloween party, where people keep hitting me in the crotch, for some awful reason… and the next day we are at a neighborhood Halloween parade with Cason. Cason dressed as an Owl, and Kinsey dressed up as Hello Kitty. Fun fact: Kinsey was the only adult that dressed up out of a few hundred. haha. Here’s where I ran into my first parental dilemma. Cason is too young for candy, but they had piñatas. He hit it, with my help, which qualifies him to go after some candy. Problem: he is not mobile, but I am. Is it bad for a dad to pick up a bunch of candy for his son, who can’t eat candy? Cause you know that dad gets to eat the candy, due to being the backup kid. Right? I picked up one handful before Kinsey gave me the “really?!” look. Dang it.

I feel like I didn’t really have a weekend, but still fit some fun in… And got a handful of candy. Win!