First vacation with the boyfriend and we were arguing before takeoff. Had me thinking, “Well this isn’t going to go well at all”. Honestly I was just mad because I have this fear of flying and he fell asleep before the plane even taxi-ed. Is it so wrong that I want someone to talk to me as distraction for the most dangerous 60 seconds of the flight?! So after I said that to him, he was quite the chatty traveler. Then I fell asleep:)

Costa Rica on the whole was very cool. Very low key, very jungle-y, and very buggy. I am still scratching bug bites. I surfed for the first time, played soccer on the beach and drank a lot of things out of coconuts. I also ate the equivalent of 19 loaves of banana bread and am seeing the effects of that just now. I planned some of the activities since he booked the trip and I put golf on the agenda first thing because boyfriend loves it and he’s great at it. I like it and am not so great, but bonding right? Very expensive bonding. After I lost my 8th ball in the murky swamp water, I decided to ride along in the cart and provide emotional support. I’ve always thought that a round of golf was about 6 holes too many. I prefer to play 12 holes and then take photos. It was so scenic and I was on the hunt for the mysterious howler monkey. Boy, did I find me some monkeys. After spending 10 minutes looking for one of my balls, I felt a presence and looked up to see an entire family of monkeys.

monkeys-in-costa-ricaBabies, moms, dads, siblings. There were at least 30 from what I could tell. I tried to get some photos but that was as close as I could get. Then some bugs started biting me so I stayed in the cart for the rest of the day. It was thrilling to be in Costa Rica and watch their team play in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. Everyone was so excited and despite the loss, it was cool just be a part of that craziness. Thinking ahead, boyfriend and I brought along our own soccer ball, a football, and a frisbee. I am really not into frisbee and told him it reminded me of the socially awkward kids in college that played frolf. Frisbee golf that took up 10 hours of their Saturday. I relented and since he played soccer with me for an hour, I threw the frisbee 3 times:) I think we managed one another pretty well on the trip.

We are very different in terms of traveling. He is organized, unpacks immediately, keeps things orderly. I, on the other hand, tend to live out of my suitcase on short trips, leave my dirty clothes on the floor of the bathroom and litter the sink area with my toiletries. I’m still in the good behavior phase of the relationship where I pretend to be way less messy that I actually am, so I half unpacked and tried to keep semi tidy. I am just way less bothered with those kinds of things so I don’t think twice about making sure I wash all of my toothpaste down the sink when I’m brushing my teeth because someone might get annoyed by it;) It was funny that we took 2 days off from seeing each other when we got home and I think it shows that a little break is healthy and makes the company more enjoyable when you have it. We have another trip out of the country coming up in a month so you know what that means….we will be dating for at least another month!