My roommate and best friend Holland is getting Lasik tomorrow and she’s really unsettled about it. I am more worried about the idea that she is going to see me clearly for once and think less of me. Holland thinks I am so attractive and though I don’t feel ugly, I like her support when I get dressed or when she watches our TV show Dish Nation. She is super positive and complimentary and I really don’t have that many people in my life that are the same way. I don’t have anyone like her when it comes to a friend that is vocally proud of my accomplishments or even something as superficial outfit choices. What is going to happen now? She is nearly blind and hasn’t been able to wear her contacts lately. I am her seeing eye dog. Now, it’s like she’s going to wake up after taking a girl home the night before from the bar who was a 10 at 2, and tomorrow when the blind can see, the 10 will be a 2. I am just being dramatic, but I am worried she’s going to actually see me and think less of me:)

I am mainly writing this because I need everyone’s help. I am in serious need of some new television programming to get into. In the last month, for obvious reasons, I have watched next to no television. I breakingfinally got around to see Seth Rogen’s This is the End, but other than Breaking Bad, I haven’t seen a single show lately. I have to catch up on Dexter. I apparently need to watch this whole Orange is the New Black thing. Now give me some shows to watch, because I am going to have a serious stage of television grief when Breaking Bad ends. I gave up on True Blood 3 episodes in to this last season. Luckily, football starts this weekend and that buys me weekend TV time. Then again, that makes it tough to get guy friends to go to dinner on the weekends. I also seem to meet new guys around that time of year. It obviously always goes so well in the long run, not at all, but I get so happy when the time of bathing suit season ends and wings and beer drinking begin.