Jenna’s Blog: A Girl’s Guide to Lowe’s
Jenna’s Blog: A Girl’s Guide to Lowe’s

I really don’t appreciate the males at the gym telling me that even they don’t do the things I was about to undertake last night and how they have a handyman do that kind of thing.rosie_the_riveter1 It’s not that I prefer to be the man of the house, it’s that I don’t have a man of the house, or even a man not of the house that can come be the man of the house. I am quite the procrastinator when it comes to most responsibility-related tasks that aren’t directly work related. Holly and I live in a condo that we are renting from a landlord, so this is our first experience with having to buy things like lightbulbs and AC filters.Holly is vacationing for weeks and weeks and yesterday I woke up from a nap drenched in sweat. The condo was a cool 85 degrees, set to 69. Oh so this is why I need to change the filter every 5-6 weeks, not every 5-6 months? When I turned on my bathroom light, one came on like I was living in an Amanda Bynes’ drug den. It was time to make the trip to the hardware store. So priorities first right? Gym, then fix stuff. My list was quite ridiculous.

*13 plus flood lightbulbs 75w or something
*lightbulb holder ceiling claw clingy
*7/32 drill bits
*copies of some keys
*AC filter think it’s 24x24xsomething in small inches
*ladder for midgets

That walk into Lowe’s was filled with trepidation and dread. However, I was a sweaty gym pig so I sorta fit in. I didn’t not get hit on once so perhaps I should have done myself up a bit. Actually, I don’t really care about that. I was just so beatdown by the whole process and my ignorance throughout it. I actually made it through without playing damsel in distress too hard and even talked my way into a discount on a new Ninja blender for my very feminine twice daily protein shakes! It only took me one hour to change the air filter but it got done! That was a first and last time thing for me. Now it’s onto changing the 13 plus lightbulbs…