Since my friend Jessi and I feel like we’ve exhausted our male options around town, (and by exhausted, I of course mean can’t find anyone of interest), we are sticking to our mutual resolution of happy hours at new places without drinking. I found drinking makes my standards go down and makes me emotionally weak. Basically loser status. Since she is like me and 50 percent guy, we decided to to get our nails done before heading to a super sports bar to watch the BCS Championship and of course peruse the scene. After 2 touchdowns, a sip of beer and 2 laps around the bar, we called it a alabama-winnight. Typical. I saw a table with 2 guys, one attractive and the other far from. Who gets who in this situation? Guys run into this all of the time and one always takes one for the team right? Do you just wait and see which one is more interested in you or your friend? We didn’t know what to do. I don’t want to take one for the team ever. I am working on being more approachable and having better body language..whatever that means. At least we made some effort. She looked at me and brought up a very good point. How have we lived somewhere for so many years and still don’t know the best places to go? Or perhaps I live in a city where “my type” whatever that is, doesn’t exist. I was scared to go home because I knew what was waiting on me. 2 hours of Bachelor season premier. Not only does my roommate possible have the flu, she wanted to watch it together her bed. This is akin to a horror movie premise for me. Sitting next to someone sick and having to watch The Bachelor. I honestly am only willing to give this one a chance because I like Sean Lowe and he really is a good, genuine guy. 10 minutes into this show makes me hate everything about being a girl. We all seem crazy. I am of course a little crazy-I think we all are. These chicks are next leveling it. I know half of them want to be actors, singers or anything other than married to the guy, but it freaks me out. I think I have a cattiness allergy. I always envisioned how terrible I would look if I somehow made it on that show. I would be the one alone and have no friends. They all sit there and size each other up and trash talk from minute 1. It makes no sense to me and I worry that I was born with girl parts and a sprinkle of girl emotions, but that everything else in me is guy. I told Holly I feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger compared to those girls and she didn’t get what I meant. Is is possible that I’m in between a girl and a guy. I cry a lot so I definitely have a heart. I don’t understand baby showers and bachelorette parties. I hate to cook and be domesticated. I don’t know if I want a family. I can’t believe I’m saying that aloud. So much for sounding desirable.