The Holidays really aren’t my thing. I’m not sure why it seems the older I get, the more I dislike them and the more I kinda stop caring that it’s a holiday. I said I wasn’t going to cook for Thanksgiving and I actually managed to avoid it-unless microwaving store bought Thanksgiving food is considered cooking. I had this nice lunch planned for my mom when she came into town on Thursday and I ended up eating it all alone throughout the weekend. Candy had the stomach flu so she hardly left the couch all weekend, which made me feel awful. I didn’t let that stop me from celebrating Thanksgiving with my other lonely friends at a bar eating cheeseburgers and drinking something called crack babies. I had hoped Candy would be feeling better by Friday night, so I made dinner reservations somewhere really nice and took her to get her hair and makeup done beforehand. Wasn’t really thinking that one through when I made her appointment at the mall on Black Friday. That was the beatdown of all beatdowns. It took an hour to park, an hour to get through the mall and an hour to get makeup done. Big day. I did score a sweet leather jacket about 80 percent off so that was a plus;) I was really excited to take Candy to one of the nicest steakhouses in town, but I knew she wasn’t feeling good when she ordered a baked potato for her meal. So, I ate a steak and drank some delicious drinks and realized that this expensive date wasn’t going anywhere. I felt so bad for her and she just went home and went to bed after that. It only took 3 days for me to polish off the entire store-bought cornbread pan. Is it weird that I can literally feel my muffin top growing when I eat muffin-type things? I really gotta start getting in shape for my beach vacation. Summer bod in the winter is not an easy thing to accomplish, especially when Sundays are spent laying on the couch, eating bad Mexican fast food and crying while watching The Vow. I literally threw a bunch of food in the trash just so I wouldn’t eat all day. I was so excited to see my roommate after 4 days of her being gone, that we went on a walk around the block with the fat dog and then napped together on the couch. What would I do without a roommate? I get lonely enough as it is which is funny considering how much I used to love being alone. Now, I can’t go half a day without some kind of human contact. I think the combination of that and the crying while watching a bad romance can mean only one thing. I have gone soft. It’s over for me. Full girl for sure. The jealous texting someone at 1 am really means that I am a girl. Erasing someone’s phone number. Definitely a girl move. I don’t like feeling girly. I’m going to do some not girly things this week to get rid of that.