When do the girl scout cookies come out? I want a box of Samoas and some tagalongs. I don’t understand what I am supposed to do. I am having this outrageous craving for them, and I don’t even really like GSC’s that much. Am I supposed to save them for times like this? I don’t even know when the season is. I am already terrible at contributing to my retirement plan, how am I supposed to think about things like this. I want a discontinued candy shop. I can’t find Brach’s Red Hots either. Why are peeps and black licorice still in production, but these seriously more delicious items are not?

BugattiI made a serious adult decision yesterday. I think I actually am proud about it. Big decisions are scary, but maybe this is what people mean when they say the 20’s are terrible and the 30’s are so much easier. My car lease is up in less than 30 days, so I needed to get a new whip. How do I do this? I don’t know how these things work. I wanted to upgrade a little, because like a guy I want to reward myself and celebrate that I still have a job and since I don’t have kids and definitely don’t intend on buying a home, I figure this was an ok decision. Instead of doing what I would do in my 20’s and go same day and pick a car, I test drove all week. Then I went to the bank and met with a financial advisor to get some perspective. I really am more proud about my responsibleness of this than with the decision. Obviously because I went to get the slightly nicer car. Such a dude move. I even played a little hardball and since Park Place is the best car dealership in the world, they worked out a phenomenal deal for me. I couldn’t help but think about Kidd at this time because he would normally be my go to for questions like this. This was more of a happy sad, because I miss the mentoring so much but I feel like I learned alot at the same time. I feel like as an only child that didn’t get a whole lot of financial mentoring growing up and having a creative job, it’s been the last thing on my mind. But I am 100 percent financially independent, so I better start getting a grip on how everything works. If you feel the same as me, I seriously recommend just making a great relationship with someone in your bank that is higher up. There are some things you just don’t learn in school and the real-life stuff can get so overwhelming. So now I learned all about leasing and financing and playing hardball with a car dealer. School is important though, because there I learned how cool black on black on black cars look. Yes, I am going to look like a rapper. A much more cost conscious rapper, but still hood. I don’t think I’ll be waking up in a Bugatti anytime soon. But I will be like a clearance Weezy:)