Does getting new bedding constitute as this whole, “try new things” theory people keep throwing out at me? No? Didn’t think so, so I didn’t do it. I did have one of those weekends where my bed got more action than any hooker in the world. 15 hours a day minimum since Thursday. Yes it’s sad and pathetic, but I really didn’t want to do a thing. I promise I am going to make a concerted effort to get it together. First up, made an appointment to talk to someone who might actually know what they are talking about when it comes to grief. I knew it was time to take some more drastic action when Kellie looked at me on Friday and said, “Jenna, girl, you got to get it together and talk to someone.” I can’t go 5 minutes without bursting into tears thinking my life is over. I also didn’t answer a single call or text from a friend or anyone all weekend because I feel so bad for them that I’m such a downer. I don’t want anyone to keep hearing it. At some point before you are ready for life to go on, it does. And as unfortunate as that feels, no one really cares to keep hearing that you are struggling with the death of a mentor and then the love of your life doesn’t find you to be much more than a friend. Broken heart turns into a broken record. So, I finally just took the record of repeat and sleep it off…and off….and off.

I did manage to get my hair dyed darker because that’s what girls so when they are bummed. Other than a run, that sums up my Friday. Oh, Saturday you ask? Massage appointment to get me out of bed, massage therapist disturbed over the amount of bruises on my legs. I have no idea where they are from. I wish I could say working out, or partying, or something badass. Nope. I’m assuming from lack of eating. So, I did what any normal person would do and went tanning to try and cover that up. I toggle with this whole girl/tomboy thing. Lift hard, groom hard? I think that’s my new motto.

Anyways, I pulled myself out of bed once again Sunday morning to go and finally heed paddlesome advice at the strong arm of my best friend Molly. Yes, I have 5 best friends, so suck it friend judgers. It’s really all I have and they have saved my life. I digress, her idea was akin to the whole theme of this blog, “try new things” snd she wanted to go paddleboarding on a local lake and since I’ve been drifting through life, I thought I could drift though a lake. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it was going to be. I must say, it was the best 2 hours I’ve had in a longer time that I can remember. 1.5 hours in I start goofing off, showing off my bad yoga poses and falling in the murky waters. Stupid Jenna falls in love with people who don’t love her back. Stupid Jenna also wears brand new $400 Dita sunnies she just bought because I have to at min., be a fashionable depressed person. Fall, fail, glasses sink, byeee. Then the tomboy kicks in and I actually dive into 8 feet of murky mutant fish infested water feeling around for them. Moral lesson. Don’t buy things you can’t afford to buy again. Don’t wear nice things dangerous places. And at the end of the day, don’t give a damn about losing something as superficial as sunglasses. It wasn’t a person. Or a heart. Wait, lost both of those so bad example:( Too soon to make light of that, but my choices are be fake positive, make light of it, or complete silence on all things sad that enter my mind. Though silence would be my method of dealing with things. Running far away really, the radio/tv gig makes silence not the most conducive approach. So, since by nature, I am the antithesis of a faker, I won’t fake happy nor will I fake sad. I won’t be daily debbie downer, but I till try and make light of my feelings hoping it’s somewhat relatable to the handful of you that read these words.

On a more 20-something single girl relatable issue…I am fed up with some things I just have to throw in the towel on.

1. Zippers. I can’t do it. I give up. My favorite dresses zip up the back and since i’m the Lamar Odom of yoga, (minus the crack) I have no value to my body. If you all really knew the number of nights I’ve slept in a dress because I came home alone and had no one to unzip me. The last courtesy zip I got, was from a maid at an LA hotel room. I asked her what she was doing later, hoping we could make some unzip plans, but the whole english barrier was an issue or I freaked her out. Both equally as well.

2. Furniture shopping. Why? I clearly ain’t nowhere near domesticated. Over it.

3. Lingerie Shopping. nope, no need for undergarments. Winter’s Coming, might sound like the Game of the Thrones theme, but for single girls, that means less waxing and the term lingerie doesn’t translate in winter or ever if you’re single.

4. And since we’re throwing in the towels on things, let’s throw in the terrible towels courtesy of the Steelers. I don’t dig those. I do dig the Boys winning right now. But thanks to my glamorous schedule, I think my bedtime will hit as the 4th quarter commences, so at least I won’t see the last quarter meltdown. typical.

Since we all know reality TV is out for me, what are your thoughts on me doing a fashion police segment on the NFL-ers. I could do SNF and MNF. I would like to start with ‘Bron ‘Bron throwin the ball on the sidelines pre-grame. It’s the National Fashion League.

Most annoying things on instagram right now:


Fashion, foliage, fun. I’m only bitter because Starbucks still doesn’t carry Almond Milk for this lactose intolerant loser.