It’s a good thing I didn’t drain my bank account to go somewhere for our spring break vacation next week since I’m going to have to drop a grand on a doggie ophthalmologist. Yes, there is such a thing. Maximus looked like he had an eye infection and being the paranoid dog owner that I am, I took him by the vet a couple days ago only to find out that he has a tumor under his eyelid and it needs to be removed. I don’t feel like droning on and on about this depressing subject, but I am super excited to spend a thousand dollars to potentially kill my own dog. That was sarcasm, but really, putting a pug to sleep totally freaks me out since that is how my childhood dog died. I know he’s going to be ok for now, but the undeniable fact in all of this is that this is the beginning of the end. He’s 9, and I know it’s going to start becoming a serious expense as his health declines. This is my first adult pet so I need to prepare myself, if that’s possible. Is this all bad karma because I accidentally killed that cat last week? Like I didn’t feel bad enough. On a positive doggie note, they gave him a collar that emits a scent to make him relax. It has completely chilled him out. The vet thinks that my depression and negative energy has rubbed off on him and that explains why he has been geeking out on other dogs at the dog park. The self-racism has gone next level and she thinks the collar will help. I asked the vet tech if it was like doggie weed and she was not amused. So I threw out another comparison, doggie xanax, again not amused. At least he’s chilling out for now.

taxesIs it a bad idea to have your roommate and best friend to do your taxes? She is a CPA after all, so it’s kinda her thing. Do I pay her? Do I pay her in another way? I know they always say don’t mix money and friendship but we really crossed that line a hell of a long time ago. She is the fiscally responsible one, keeping track of the bills and rent and I just gave her my checkbook to write herself one whenever she needs to. That is ultimate trust in someone right? Or is that ultimate laziness on my part? She says we can do ours together on Sunday, which means I will pretend like I have no idea and have her do them;))