Date weight. That is what has happened to me. Girl dates, friend dates, group dates, straight up dates. Lots of them, lots of food and drink required. I love nothing more than going out to eat and that is essentially what I did on this staycation. I can never go out during the week with the hours that I work, so I was game for anyone wanting to grab food and a beer literally any single day. I’m become quite go with the flow these days and I am happy about that. My treadmill isn’t happy about that. Yesterday we weren’t friends. A trainer told me I looked like I had gained weight, mostly in my face which is awesome-not at all. He told me I needed to run for 1 hour and 15 minutes everyday for the next week to get off the weight gain.

I said no way, then of course I went and spent a very painful hour and 15 minutes running on a treadmill. It’s almost like Budweiser and I have become besties and the treadmill is now the 3rd wheel in our relationship and he’s not happy with either of us because of all the one on one time he’s missing out on lately.

I went to the doctor to try and get some different kind of anxiety medication and that’s where they weighed me so I know I definitely put on a few. I’m not that worried about it. You need to burn off what you put it, so it just is going to take some serious work for a week. What I am worried about is that the doctor thinks my anxiety is depression related and he is so fully convinced that I am depressed, despite my insistence that I’m not, he prescribed me multiple meds including a pretty serious antidepressant. I don’t want to take anything like that, so I got everything else filled but not that. I can just myself having a bad reaction to it in Europe and either crying all day every day or being annoyingly happy. No one likes either one of those types. It can be fun to look at effect of medications, so my roommate and I were looking into some side effects of this particular medication and one of the more serious side effects, other than the heavy nausea and dizziness, is Parkinson’s symptoms. That is so upsetting and scary to me, I decided no matter how depressed I am, I will never take something that makes me do that.

I’d rather be in a dark suicidal hole than drool and shake all the time. So now that I’m 100 percent freaked out, I am just going to stick with the regular anti anxiety pills. The whole point of all of this is just so I can get to sleep without having night terrors, and 2 nights into this new stuff, I’m sleeping just fine! It’s about time.