Since I have this cold and going from the couch to the bed is a struggle, I read a book and watched some movies yesterday. Isn’t it weird how a movie you’ve already seen can make you feel so differently than the first time around? I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind years and years ago when it first came out. I remember thinking it was just ok and kind of weird and that Jim Carrey was pathetic for wanting to erase memories all because he was sad. Watching it again yesterday made me totally get the premise-though I still haven’t learned the lesson of the movie. If you have never seen it, first of all watch it because it’s good. It’s all about Jim Carrey and a quirky orange-haired Kate Winslet having this wonderful relationship that soon turns boring and argumentative because they begin to resent everything they once loved about each other. Jim Carrey is so traumatized by the breakup that he does this experimental treatment to erase his memories of her so he never thinks about her again. A rather compelling premise no?

The first memory I’d like to erase? Going dumpster diving at my condo yesterday because Holly accidentally threw away my Whole Foods bag with about 100 dollars worth of antioxidant powder, protein mix and protein bars. Basically everything I was hoping to use to get over this cold. I dug around, it wasn’t there. I think I was beat to it by a homeless man that comes by everyday. I want to erase that memory. Then I want to erase the memories of some certain people. How great would it be if I could unmeet someone. We might as well be strangers with those we’ve fallen out with so let’s just erase them. I know, I know. What about the lessons you learn from grieving or being betrayed or being hurt? It takes years to learn those lessons. I may not have years. Time is to precious to waste it. I also want to erase the memory of me doing that wet t-shirt contest in Key West my junior year of college. Oh wait, there are pictures so those can’t be erased. UGH. I hope I die before those hit the internet.