I haven’t seen my mom since Christmas and she decided randomly yesterday morning to hop in the car and make the drive to see me. Apparently she has been worried about me and our lack of communication lately so she wanted to make sure I wasn’t near death. Isn’t it funny how a mom can ice your calls for a week sometimes and if I talk to her less than once a day for an extended period of time she gets all concerned? I love seeing her though, so whatever the reason, it makes no difference to me. I wonder if I ever do become a mom, will I love doing mom things as much as she does? I don’t particularly enjoy cleaning, cooking, and other domesticated acts. It’s almost as if she really prefers doing those kinds of things. She hadn’t even been here for an hour before she asked my roommate Holly what we needed washed and done around the apartment. Candy is just the best. My only real concern is that she will kidnap Maximus and take him to Austin with her. She misses him and there’s a chance he loves her more than me, (mostly because she feeds him human food). I told her he is on strict summer diet and has gone from 28 to 23 pounds in the last year. That’s quite a bit of pug weight and it took alot of work outta me. I feel like I should have lost at least that much weight with all the walking and carrot eating both my dog and I have done. Weight loss hasn’t quite kicked in for me yet.

Some guy that is headed to NYC for callback Project Runway auditions has asked me to pose in some of his stuff for the portfolio. I think that is just really cool and I’m so flattered to do him the favor. He showed up at my apartment yesterday for a fitting and to discuss the styling of the shoot. The theme is supposed to be very vintage 50’s, yet I’m still weary of going to get my picture taken by a stranger and getting into another one of those craigslist ad situations. I know that he’s legit, I’ve done my research, however I always think about the moment someone asks you to do something that makes you uncomfortable and how you are supposed to get out of that situation. I should probably stick to talking for a living anyways, and I would if I didn’t enjoy getting my hair and makeup done so much. It’s just the biggest girl side I have. I don’t mind wearing casual clothes and workout clothes, but I really love the primping process of going out. That would be the only downside to being born a guy. I talk about how much easier dudes have it when it comes to getting dressed or really when it comes to anything appearance related, but I would miss the grooming and makeup. Sometimes I feel like I have gender identity issues. On the inside I feel like I relate more to guys, yet I couldn’t get more girly on the outside and I’m always looking at ways to be more so of both…. Dichotomy.