I know I porked up a little bit this summer-especially after London and though weight has never been a huge issue for me, I have been killing myself at the gym to lose what was seriously a 15 pound weight gain. I know I was all depressed and then taking antidepressants which made me social and want to eat, but man I think I’d rather be half as depressed and lose half the weight. I decided to pay a new trainer at my gym to train me one time a week for the last 2 months.

I figured it would at least get me back on track. I am just going to brag for a second because I’m so shocked at this, but yesterday he decided to weigh me and take my body fat % which was awesome since I had eaten 2 tuna sandwiches at work, but I have somehow lost 6 percent body fat and 15 pounds since Thanksgiving. I didn’t realize that was possible without a borderline starvation diet, but it just proves that eating enough and exercising hardcore is the right method. No more creepy diets for me ever. So there’s my one and only self brag about it since no one wants to hear about someone else getting fit. I just didn’t realize exactly how chub I had gotten in such a short amount of time and only one facebook person said something about chubbing up. People need to start keeping it real. My friends should have said something…man.

2013 is already starting off to be a better year, not just for that but because Holly is also getting healthy. We had a tough run there for a bit. Heartbroken, drinking lots of beer and eating lots of Mexican food. hot-yogaShe hates the gym, but has managed to go to hot yoga every single morning this entire month. She is doing some 60 day challenge and I am so proud of her. My kind of workout isn’t for everyone and definitely wasn’t for her, and I really genuinely hate yoga so it’s kind of a bummer that we can’t work out together ever, but it’s brought us more together being able to just congratulate one another on the efforts. The dark pages have turned. Actually, it’s almost better.

I’m still pissed that she won’t watch scary movies or Criminal Minds with me. I watch maybe 3 shows on television other than sports and they are Homeland, Dexter and Workaholics. All I want is to watch Criminal Minds with her and she won’t do it. I’ve tried bribing and bullying and none of it works. She says it scares her too much and she has nightmares. I have offered her everything. How do I bribe an adult? There has to be a way….