I have always known about Comic Con and though I’m the farthest thing from a sci-fi nerd, I’ve always been curious about the annual event. I was thrilled when the Dish Nation producers asked me to go along with Headkrack from Rickey Smiley’s morning show. I hope I’m able to coherently convey my experience since I’ve gotten about 3 hours of sleep each night since the weekend before. I’m 50 percent dumber, 50 percent unhealthier and at least 10 percent more cultured and perhaps .01 percent more famous;) As it goes with most work trips, there’s never enough time to actually enjoy the moment or explore everything and this was definitely the case here. We were filming and interviewing characters all hours of the day. I am familiar with the craziness of a music festival and a convention like South by South West, but there’s also a ton of alcohol involved which makes it very entertaining, but also quite irritating at the same time. San Diego’s convention center didn’t serve booze. Instead, there was a Starbucks set up in every spot there would have been a beer vendor.

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Nerds getting their buzz on. It was awesome. Despite my lack of knowledge on all the Marvel comics and things I can’t even list off to you because I still don’t know what they are, I surprisingly fit right in. It was such a pleasant and overwhelming surprise to get recognized by so many people. I live in such a bubble of actual (and sometimes boringly normal) reality. I work, go home to walk my dog and then go to the gym. I might go to Whole Foods if I feel like it. The point is, I am shocked when person after person comes over to tell us what fans they are of Dish Nation. I don’t think there shouldn’t be fans, I suppose I don’t feel worthy or on the same level and the “real” celebs that we are all there to see. Make sense? After a full day of filming and I mean a FULL day, Headkrack and I managed to finagle our way into a huge star studded invite-only event. We had to leave our cameraman and his manager behind because according to the people, “this event is only for the celebrities”.

headcrack_jennaThe time was here. My first official red carpet moment. I’ve take(n thousands of pictures and even more selfies. I should have this on lock no? NO. Now officially this whole red carpet at events is referred to as “the step and repeat”. It’s much shorter than it appears on TV, not unlike the celebs that walk it. When I look at my Dish Nation co-host Headkrack and ask if he’s done this before, he says without hesitation, “Of course”. UGHHHH. I look to my right to see who is going before me so maybe I can get some visual tips to emulate. Then I realize it’s Jason Segel and I had to look away, tell myself that there as no hope and also no choice and I just walked. I’d show you the image, but apparently it costs 220 dollars so…Let’s just say it could be worse, but I will never not wear heels again. A very important element to not look like a half person.Of course, once we got inside the party, it was everything you’d imagine a private Hollywood party to be and more.

Name drop sentence starts now: Luke Wilson with super hot chick, cast of It’s Always Sunny, cast of Sons of Anarchy, Jermaine Dupri behind the DJ booth, cast of Workaholics….I had to turn around and go into the bathroom and give myself a pep talk. Jenna, get your s together because this is for work and this is how it goes and these people are no different than you. Wait, yes they are…they are richer, more famous and way better looking. I hadn’t eaten since 8 am and it was 10pm so I headed to the food station. Filet mignon and risotto? How is one supposed to eat fine cuts of meat in this setting. I learned at that moment, a Hollywood eating disorder is defined as someone who EATS. Whatever, no one knows me and I am about to die of starvation and I had to get up the following day at 6 am so I really needed to eat. How do starlets survive? Barely living but beautiful I suppose. As I throw that first piece of meat down my throat, I hear some guy go “Whoa. That’s a big piece of meat.”

I nearly choke when I recognize the voice without event looking first. It’s Sergeant Batista from Dexter!! Of course I get caught with food and an actor from one of my favorite shows of all time approaches me. We ended up just chatting about life and he was so cool and down to earth and fun. Of course I really wanted to know if Dexter dies at the end, but I was in too deep to go all fangirl. But really, don’t you all think Dexter is going to live and Walter White for Breaking Bad is going to die? Two favorite shows and two great endings expected. Another full day of filming followed, this time more focused on the over-the-top costumes and characters and it was a blast. Straight to the airport only to find my flight was delayed 7 hours. I couldn’t even stand…so back to the hotel and another night on the town? TBD…