Everyone can rest assured finally-well at least those that were actually worried. No, I didn’t NOT actually get a Nickelback tattoo. Since real friends don’t shake hands, they get inked together, 3 of my girlfriends and I decided to go to the tat shop instead of going out on Friday night. Typical night in right? Yes, we planned it and yes we were completely 100 percent sober. I had been wanting a new small tattoo on my arm anyways, and for some odd reason the idea of getting not only a Nickleback tattoo, but a misspelled one, made perfect sense to me. Of course, I would never do that, even for a million dollars, so I had the artist put the stencil on and shade it in a little to make it look as real as possible…It’s funny to see how many people were duped, how many thought the tat was cool and didn’t even recognize the ridiculous Nickleback mispelling, and those that didn’t buy it for a second. I just realized this morning that I still haven’t corrected the lost bet prank on Facebook or Twitter. At least it provided for some good entertainment. We stopped in a bar next door to the tattoo shop afterwards and it gathered an awesome reaction from the people who were drunk.

“Hey, do you like my new tattoo?”
horrified woman: “Oh, wow, Nickelback? Nice, You like them?”
me: “Love them, favorite band”
her:”Okay, well I think it’s misspelled!!!”
me:”uh-oh NO WAY. (cue fake tears)
her:” girl, you better go and get your money back!!!”

haha love that.

Of course as my luck would have it, the same week I decide to officially switch NFL teams from the impossible to root for Bengals, to become a Cowboys and bandwagon Pats fan and look what happens yesterday. Both of my new squads play like crap and my hometown Bengals kill it….stupid. On top of that disappointment, I realize as I’m chowing down on my second fast food meal of the day that football season can really ruin the physique. Normally I have a nice brunch, coffee, tea, workout, protein smoothie and a salad for dinner. Now Sundays are, pre brunch snack, breakfast sandwich with cheese, Papa Johns’s pizza, then a Taco Bueno dinner with a giant Dr. Pepper. The best part is I really am completely lactose intolerant and just seem to ignore that fact. I don’t know the last time I didn’t have pizza on a Sunday. That needs to stop ASAP.

I found myself so lonely yesterday with rooms being outta town for two weekends in a row that I literally just showed up my guy friend’s house so I would have people to watch football with. Oddly enough, they had a different party to go to an hour after I got there. So I just stayed and napped/watched football on and off for a couple of hours. I might have freaked out whoever stopped by to pick something up with his girlfriend, considering I was that creep on the couch. So I went home after that incident and did the same thing I had been doing, just on my own couch.

The only thing I really am looking forward to is the arrival of my new, white iPhone 5! My standup friend who accidentally broke my phone, went and purchased one for me last Friday and it is supposed to be here this Friday. How exciting? The only problem is how tech spoiled I have become. I’m a huge bitch about this old iPhone 3. I know, I know, it’s ridiculously superficial to act that way, but after getting accustomed to the speed of the 4g and all the social networking we do for work, this 3 feel outrageously archaic. I can’t even access Twitter or Facebook on the phone. The worst part has been the lack of Spotify on my phone. My workouts are essentially made by my spotify playlists and now with each 20 seconds of a song, it freezes up, shuts down and I basically run in silence. Awesome. Champagne problems right?!