Do you ever find yourself listening to a song on the radio for its entirety and then when it’s almost over you remember how much you absolutely hate that song? Certain songs I know are my least favorite and they don’t even get a first note off, like Blue, or Tubthumping or Barbie Girl, or Mambo #5…clearly I have a lot of songs I hate.

i-hate-that-songYesterday for some reason I was going throwback and listening to classic rock when what’s possibly my favorite song of all time came on, Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones, next up Rod Stewart’s Maggie May. I listen to at least 2 minutes of the song before going, “Ugghhhhhh, I really hate that song”. Maybe I was thinking it was something else, but it got me wondering if I’m the only person that does this? So, I went to my next go to, gangsta rap. My spotify never disappoints, because it’s always songs I’ve chosen. I don’t understand why rappers put sirens in songs. I am nearly impossible to scare, but it freaks me out EVERY single time. Not to be stereotypical, but that’s precisely what I’m being, rappers are known to partake in illegal activities and I don’t get why you would knowingly freak out your fans. Everytime Weezy throws a siren in, I turn down the song, duck, looks in my mirrors, slam on my brakes, put my phone down:)