I had a realization last night that tomorrow will mark 2 weeks since I’ve had any alcohol. It’s not that I have any kind of substance abuse issues, actually alcohol abuse issues, but it just hit me that I feel great and I think that’s why. After multiple way past midnight meltdowns, I decided I am done going out for awhile. How does drinking help sad people feel better? It only makes me even more sad. I think I’m going to start putting a 2 drink ban on myself for weekend nights. Maybe I’ll just do the dinner and go home thing for a while longer.

Let’s face it, any guy I meet hammered in a bar is not going to be the love of my life, so what am I really missing? I am going to commit myself to this workout challenge at the gym for the next month, which includes a Saturday morning workout every weekend for 4 weeks. That will surely prevent me from doing anything on Friday nights. I am feeling immensely unfulfilled on weekends. Then again, I am too tired to really do anything labor intensive. Quite the dilemma of being too lazy to get over my boredom.

My roommate Holly has lots of ideas, the first of which includes date night tonight. I seriously have started to get as excited for dates with Holly as I might get if I was going on a real date. We get to try fancy, trendy pretentious places we’ve never been before. Sometimes I treat and sometimes she treats and the best part is…there is no concern about impressing each other or figuring out how to get out of putting out at the end of the night. Does this mean I have a girlfriend? I think I might, because I was able to convince Holly to watch Criminal Minds with me last night.

You only understand how ridiculously spectacular this is. She has refused for a year to watch this with me because it gives her nightmares. PFFFH. (I don’t like admitting to her that it also gives me nightmares.)criminalmindsAnyways, I somehow persuaded her to join me on my nightly dog walk and then watch a very scary Criminal Minds. I know she only did it because I’ve been all mopey and lonely because I have next to no human interaction once I leave work everyday, but the point is, she did it! I’d like to think it’s my power of persuasion when it’s only her feeling guilty like a husband that works too late. Her guilt, combined with my puppy eyes sealed it. Victory. That puts me at about 1-75 in the last year. YES;)