I truly considered the fact that my little tough stance on never wanting a wedding would change after going to one this weekend. One of my best girlfriend’s from college was getting married to someone I have seriously only met twice this weekend in Florida. I was so excited for her, because she is definitely one of those types of girls that has been planning this day since before she met the love of her life and you could really tell. I must say, it was the nicest wedding I have ever been to. An outdoor ceremony that last a short 20 minutes, a white tent, chandeliers with flowers, even a fireworks surprise from her dad to start off the reception. Everything about the wedding was really top notch and you know people are having a good time when everyone is on the dance floor before the salad is even served. What am I supposed to do? I’m no dancer. Let me correct myself. I am no dancer, unless I am HAMMERED. I wasn’t close to that yet. So, I grabbed my cute party favor/compass/table assignment for one. What do you know, I am at the singles table with the groom’s single college guy friends and I am the ONLY girl. Odds are in my favor right? Sounds great except for the fact that at this current juncture in my life, I have completely written off men in general. I really just wanted to catch up with the college roommates, some of which I haven’t seen since I graduated 6 years ago. I can’t believe how quickly time flies. I was just so happy seeing someone I love, so in love and so happy with someone.

The wedding was just ideal and she seemed so content with everything. That was until my other two friends serving as co-maids of honor were giving their speech. The groom’s brother started seriously choking and turning blue right in the middle of their speech and half of his wedding party chased him across the tent. Of course, my friend, the bride looked at the girls and told them to just keep going with their speech. So funny. Yes, the food became dislodged and shot across the room. It really got everyone’s adrenaline going. Despite the beauty of this wedding and seeing two people crazy about one another, I still didn’t get that feeling that I want that for myself. I think there is definitely, absolutely something wrong with me, though I was sitting there quite bummed that I was sitting completely alone at this place. I had no idea that nearly every single one of my friends from college were married or engaged.

Damn, what have I been doing? I know I’ve been working alot and the hours of this job are very conducive to a busy social life, but man, even a date to a wedding? No? Ok. Sunday was the most fun day of the weekend by far. We had a “hair of the dog” brunch at a beautiful marina to say goodbye to the bride and groom and then we retreated to the hotel pool to have drinks before it was time to leave for the airport. I have finally figured out the secret to not feeling like complete shit after a big weekend. NO DRINKING. I drank wine at the wedding and went home (boring i Know) and then I didn’t have any booze yesterday. I hung out and did some last minute catching up before Laura and my other girlfriend shared a car service for 2 hours back to the airport and they were discussing how they are ready to join a matchmaking service. No way. I can’t do it. I still think I have faith that I will naturally encounter someone. Part of me doesn’t even want to. The longer I stay single, the more comfortable I get with it. Anyways, there was no good food inside the terminals at the Tampa airport, so we ate before security a nice Italian place and had an hour and a half before the flight left. Before I knew it my plane was boarding and the security line could not have been longer.  Only one lane open on a Sunday afternoon? Really? Awesome American Airlines.

I was 100 percent going to miss my flight so I had to meekly ask a tattooed gentleman if I could jump in line with him maybe 15 people ahead to give myself a shot. “NOPE” was his brisk answer. EWW. I always let people in if I’m early, which is almost always. The kind lady behind him let me-good karma to her-and I actually was able to run barefoot and half-clothed from security to the closed gate doors and get on that flight. Whew. Close one. I had the guy that wouldn’t go to the wedding with me, pick me up from the airport and of course American took an hour to get the bags out, so he was pumped about waiting for me forever. Yes, I checked a nearly overweight bag for a 3 day weekend. I’m a girl, c’mon. I got dropped off and decided that though I was tired, I need to start living in the moment and stop being depressed and sitting at home alone-so I headed to see a band I like for an hour. Why not? Rooms wasn’t home yet and I was feeling the need to fit in somewhere. I don’t fit in at weddings, because I have no significant other, no baby to talk about, and no wedding plans to discuss. I think I only have work to talk about. What’s better place to not have to talk than a concert? Well, it was awesome and I was responsible and headed home, no drinking at all, and was in bed by 1030. Not a bad way to end a weekend. Actually a rather ideal way to end a great weekend. Oh and Laura, that was an ambien not xanax I gave you to fly. I realized it once I got on the plane. Hope you didn’t get nakey on the way to Chicago:) Love you!