Stupid blonde moment even though I’m technically now a brunette, West Nile, lonely music playlist. Those were things that were part of my weekend. Is it bizarre that as much as I get the Sunday blues, once I get to work on Monday morning I am actually happy that I have something to do. I feel like work is the only place where I have a purpose. What is my purpose in going out on the weekend? I would consider myself strong at socializing, but not so good at anything past that. It seems that everyone’s mission is to chat up the opposite sex and I just don’t like being so goal oriented. I used to have the “talk to a guy for 5 minute” rule if he bought me a drink, but now I can’t even deal with that. I just talk to people I know and pay for my own drinks and seem to be reverting back to my unapproachable self. I think I’m back in one of those phases of not wanting to meet new people. I’ve never actually liked meeting tons of new people, but then I go through these social phases with new girlfriends as well as new guys and honestly I feel like you if you let someone new in too quickly, it’s inevitable you will get burned. And I have lately, lots. That is why I found myself home alone on Saturday night listening to my Spotify after coming home from the bar at 1 am. I was in the mood to tweet something really depressing like “my heart hurts” because I thought it would be funny. But I’ve learned my lesson from drunk tweeting. I get way too candid and freak people out. No drunk tweeting or Facebook posting.

On the upside, I am getting smarter. I actually mean the opposite of that. This morning I went to 7-11 to get some gas, coffee and fruit. I’m very hungry in the morning. Usually very hungry all the time really. I spend nearly 10 minutes inside perfecting my coffee and trying to decide between cliff bars. Exciting 5 am. I hurry out to my car and speed off. 5 minutes later I hear something hit the side of my car. I look in my passenger side mirror and of course, the gas tank is open because I completely forgot to take the pump out. I’m already running late and halfway to work at this point. I pull over to close the gas cap and consider the fact that perhaps the gas is still spilling out back at the 7-11 and I will have a $300 gasoline charge soon. Hopefully there’s a mechanism that prevents that right? Also a plus, every single gas tank was occupied so every single person definitely saw this crazy girl pulling off with the pump still in. Unbelievable that I am that dumb and out of it. I blame the West Nile. I have 10 mosquito bites and I have heard that 1 in 10 mosquitoes are carrying the virus so my chances are strong to quite strong. Being a complete idiot is indeed a symptom.