Holidays as an only child are always pretty lonely. My mom lives long distance, so other than Christmas, I usually hang out with friends and their families for things like Easter and Thanksgiving. Yesterday was a little different. It was basically a regular day for me, but it felt like I was the only person doing anything alone. I went to the gym. Nope, not but a few people working out and they were trainers. Dog park? Maximus is my closest family member after all, but there were no doggies at the dog park. How can this be? It felt like the world had ended and I was the only person still alive. Where was everyone? Even going to get food later at a shopping plaza, it was a ghost town. Where is everyone hiding? I am not complaining about being alone, it’s more about how holidays aren’t built for singles. It makes others uncomfortable for you to be out doing things totally alone. What’s the big deal?

pug-loveI relented and went home and stayed in my closet until that was clean. I decided to take everything that I could have worn on Easter, and a whole bunch of other stuff, and donate it. I keep weeding out my closet, contemplating getting rid of nearly everything because I’m tired of it all. What are all of those clothes really worth? I think it’s not about the value, I just hard time letting go of an outfit that has memories, even if I’m never going to wear it again. Is that weird? If that’s weird, then I don’t even want to reveal what I ordered for my dog Maximus. I don’t remember ordering it from Etsy, but it came in the mail and it’s by far the creepiest thing you could ever put on a dog. I will reveal it tomorrow with NSFW photo proof. He does have a girlfriend now, so that is exciting for him. Even my dog is tired of us being single and watching me heartbroken. So much so that he has taken to the streets to find someone for himself….