Jenna’s Blog: Lots of shots this weekend
Jenna’s Blog: Lots of shots this weekend

Who gets made fun of for sweating all the time? Not this girl, not anymore at least. I was so fed up with my sweating issue last Friday at work, when I couldn’t even pick my arms up because of how badly I had soaked my blouse, I left work and went straight to the plastic surgeon to get shots of Botox in my arm pits. I am pleased to say that since Friday, I have not left any sweat on any shirt, except for when I went to the gym-which would be weird if I didn’t sweat. At first I had a little bit of buyers remorse, because it’s not very cheap, but Holly was with me and I just decided to go for it. 30 shots in each arm pit isn’t that enjoyable, but with some numbing cream and a doctor who worked very quickly, 20 minutes later, both pits were all shot up and slightly bloody (hot, I know) but I could already tell that sweat wasn’t welcome in that area anymore. With all of this filming we’ve been doing at work and all of the lights, the sweating problem has just been exacerbated lately and when it’s bad enough that I can’t lift my arms, something just needed to change.

Every girl knows you have to keep your arm slightly off your side to avoid “fat arm” and if that’s not possible then the camera is adding more than the already dreading 10. I will supposedly have to do this every 8 months for a while, but I’ve heard that it actually gets less and less even when the Botox wears off.

One would think I’d be pumped to go out and party right away, but no, I was so worn out from that experience, that I just met a friend at a restaurant and had some wine and coffee and watched some baseball playoffs. What a married person thing to do. I redeemed myself on Saturday by going out to brunch and watching football with friends. I took Holly along to Kellie Rasberry’s swap party and since we didn’t have time to gather up our junk, we stopped at the market and bought some nice flowers. What woman doesn’t love flowers right? I really wish I had spent the time cleaning out my closet and bringing some things along, but I just am so tired and lazy on the weekend.

After we left Kellie’s, we went back to the same bar we had been hanging at all day, and ended up drinking too much and staying out too late. I am nearly always disappointed with my weekends out, so I’m not quite sure why I continue doing it. I’m really excited to get out of town the next 2 weekends in a row. Definitely needing a break.

Sunday morning I was not feeling strong. Since I cannot sleep in AT ALL, I woke up at 6 am after going to bed at 2 am, which is a typical amount of sleep for me during the week, but I needed way more. I made breakfast, took a sleeping pill, and went back to bed until about 12:30 when my friend Ashley called me hysterically crying because she couldn’t open one of her eyes. I drove over to her place to figure out the situation and was surprised to find one of my guy friends they’re attempting to take care of her. First question to him: Why the hell haven’t you taken her to the ER yet? His answer: I don’t know. Come to find out he didn’t want to have to spend the time because what day is it? Sunday. And what’s most important on Sunday? Football. RUDE. Anyways, she had scratched her cornea trying to take out her contact and thought the contact was lost inside her eye. She was in so much pain she hadn’t slept all night and couldn’t open her eye. So to the ER we went. Luckily we were the only ones there and got right in to see someone.

I hate seeing friends in pain and I knew that they were going to mess with her eye which is no fun and she wasn’t not ok with it. They had to numb her eye and that hurt, then they put some dye in it and that hurt. I somehow convinced the guy to give her a pain shot, which went in her butt and then I was instructed to rub it around. Hmmmm. I obliged of course, but that seemed suspect. The pain meds didn’t really work that well, but we were able to get her some eye meds at the pharmacy, make a stop at Taco Bell and go home and pass out on her couch all day. I snuck out around 7 and went home and went straight to bed myself. Big Sunday:) Literally Rock Bottom…still….