It’s a feature film, so no judging!

Is that going to be a good enough excuse if you happen to see me a year from now getting a lapdance by a male stripper onstage and on the big screen? Let me rephrase. I was getting arrested by a policeman! Frisking has sure gotten exciting. I think I was still touched less than when I pass through TSA. This was actually my first time to visit a male strip club and I was really impressed. It was alot like Magic Mike…and the guys were really good looking. Talk about breaking all stereotypes. My girlfriends and I had such a blast-I’m sure getting to meet Joe Manganiello from True Blood helped a bit 😉 jenna He is in town filming a real life Magic Mike sequel focusing on amateur male strippers. The manager of La Bare has been inviting us (by us I mean the show), to come visit and experience the club and meet Joe, so I rallied my girlfriends, took 5 whiskey picklebacks and we headed to La Bare. I must say, I was so pleasantly surprised and pretty impressed with what this place had to offer. It was nothing like the other men’s clubs I have been to. We popped the champagne and then it happened. “Jenna, would you come on stage as a special guest?” At this point, I didn’t know if Magic Mike star Joe was there or not, but I figured since we had come all that way, I might as well make the most of it. Long story short, I get arrested by a cop for having a lot of crack-you get the joke here I’m sure. Just as I am getting frisked, I see Joe standing behind the DJ booth with a camera crew. Someone runs by me and says, “Yo, is it cool if we film this for his move?” I care so much about my reputation and being a role model, so I responded without hesitation…”SURE!” Honestly, I think if it’s for a movie and I am clothed…it’s all good. Afterwards, I chatted with Joe about the project. It was so cool to see that a big movie star is that hands on with a project. I figured he was producing, which means he was just the name behind it. His role is quite the opposite. He is calling shots, reviewing footage, interviewing the dancers. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity so involved. He couldn’t have been nicer and my girlfriends were thrilled. It was overall a very fun night. Now, I slept through Sunday so I am not sure exactly what happened yesterday but it was all worth it. Just a heads up though, if you see me getting arrested by man wearing only aviators and a cop hat…it was for a movie!!