It’s not what you think I mean. Give this a thought. Can you take a vacation to a country whose name you can’t pronounce? I have been doing some research on where I can go for my Christmas vacation. It’s not very exciting because I will probably be going alone, but I’ve kinda come to this realization that it’s better to go alone than sit at home alone and getting out of town really helps me relax and recharge.

nicaraguagreyThe thing is, I can’t really go that far away. I don’t have more than a week to go somewhere and alot of the places I would like to go are really far away. I love trips to Mexico, because living in Texas makes going there easier than flying to New York. I’ve done Mexico so much though. I mean, if money was no object and we are talking trip of a lifetime stuff, South Africa would be it. Nothing sounds better to me than taking pictures of wild animals, but I want to save that for later since it’s my most desired trip. I’ve been considering Central America quite a bit. I want somewhere that is exotic, has animals and doesn’t take a day to get to. I’d also like beach and warm. Not too high maintenance right? This is the problem. I want to go to Nicaragua. The thing is, I can’t pronounce it. How can you go somewhere if you can’t pronounce the name? You talk about vacations for at least a month leading up to it and at least a month after it. I can’t say the latter half of the word. And if I get that right, the first half of the Nicaragua can be quite dangerous. Don’t want to misspeak on that one. I’d be the racist vacationist. I’ve just heard that it’s the new Costa Rica. It’s supposed to be super cool. I’ve also heard that Uruguay and the Galapagos Islands are neat, so maybe I should just do one of those since I can say the names correctly?! HMMMMFH. Nicaragua, Nic-a-raaaa-g-uah. Still can’t.