I spent my entire Friday doing errands you know mostly of the important variety. Gym, a badass new gel manicure, return my loaner car, retail therapy, then I managed to fit in a doctor’s appointment which was by far the most important errand of the day. I knew something was wrong with me by the time I shattered glass #4 within one week. I dropped a bottle of vodka in my kitchen.shattered. 2 nice water drinking glasses. shattered. Went to Starbucks to get the show members coffee before work on Friday since they were open at 5 and that’s our one late day of work. No good deed goes unpunished since I dropped some coffee on the way into the office as well. I knew something was going on since I was sleeping without having to take any kind of meds. Sounds crazy right? Well, I had a fever and a sinus infection and that’s why I had been bumping into walls for 10 days. Equilibrium totally off. A Z-pack, nose spray that burns like it’s illegal and a lot of allergy meds. C’mon I gotta get healthy before going to concert hard the next day. I spent the night in on Friday having a sleep over with my mom watching a very morbid 60 minutes. Then I got 10 hours of sleep. As a matter of fact I got 3 nights in a row of a 10 hour nights sleep. I feel about 80 percent better.

Do you ever feel so accustomed to your own weirdness that it’s hard to even recognize when you do something odd? Holly noticed this behavior of mine over the weekend when she was waiting on me to pull some cash out of the ATM. I was having a conversation with the camera. She was like, “are you talking to the ATM?” I said, “Well yes actually I am.” I don’t know when this started or why I started it. I know I really upped the convo time ever since Boston happened since it became glaringly obvious that someone is always watching us. The ATM situation is obviously a little awkward. moneyUsually I am walking thru a drive thru, which is just asking for something bad to happen. Last week, I was waiting at the salon so I went to Starbucks and got a full carrier of coffees for the girls that do my hair. I went up to the ATM and realized that my hands were literally tied and what a perfect victim I would be for a mugger. So,I talked to the camera knowing there may not be anyone there. I told them how ridiculous I looked with my hands being full and cash spitting out. Then I told the ATM in 711 this weekend that I was sorry for my hair looking so messy. I figure if someone ever sees that footage, I will be suspect number one in a robbery. Always chatting with the camera. Weirdo.