I never realized how much weather can change my mood. After a long and very hot summer, the tide is turning and it’s finally that ideal California-style weather. The kind of weather that just makes you want to get outside. Holly and I had two nights in a row of a girl on girl date and it was pure, unabated bliss. How can you let anything in life get to you when it’s like this outside? Oh wait, that must be the Welbutrin talking:) At least I feel like finally getting out of bed. I hope it’s not the medicine that is causing me to laugh hysterically at everything. Holly and I had so much fun people watching as we were drinking wine and tea, sharing a salad off the same plate and observing the various running styles people have.

I ran 7 miles yesterday, (bragging I know, yeah yeah), but I feel like gives me some room to criticize others running styles. I love seeing people get outdoors and run even when they are struggling. But if I ran with the t-rex style baby arms, I would just give up on running. I mean, hey change the style because it’s creeping people out. I also know the benefits of that weird backwards running. Look, I’ve read the Time magazine article on how great running backwards can be for you, but let’s just be honest. It looks creepy as hell. This guy was seriously hot too. But Holly and I just couldn’t get over the backwards running. Sometime you just gotta draw the line dude. It’s like the 60 minutes they ran on those separate toe, lightweight shoes. We get it. They are “healthy”. But they are the ugliest things next to crocs. Total dating deal breaker for me. After we got tired of people watching and criticizing running styles since that’s bitchy. We decided to see which one of us could creep out the waiter more.

If you and your friends are ever bored, it’s really a blast to make someone have to say a really awkward phrase to the waiter. We started talking about his tattoos and his moustache. And I told Holly she had to work in how much his moustache looked like Hitler’s and that it made her happy. I know, terrible. But this makes her so uncomfortable and it’s hilarious. Awkward is still funny. She had me ask him if he wanted to go get a matching tattoo with me because I felt a true connection with him. He was creeped out and it was a blast. It’s a weeknight and I get up at 345, what else am I supposed to do? It was about this juncture in the dinner that I realized I had been talking so much and eating so slowly that I had hardly gotten any of our shared salad or even put a dent in our shared bottle of wine. Only child syndrome always showing its face. I was always the last one to finish my plate around friends and now when I’m always splitting the bill, it really bugs me. I don’t want to be a speedy eater just so I don’t waste money. I think I just made my first comment ever alluding to being cheap? No, it’s not possible…dollar store Kellie here I come!