You’ve heard of a bucket list…but what about the pugket list? My pug Maximus is getting surgery and we’re going do some stuff before. Unless I cancel the surgery all together. I have procrastinated his much needed under anesthesia teeth cleaning/pulled procedure and now he’s a year overdue. I have come up with every excuse possible, it’s expensive (i’d sell my arm) and he seems fine (he swallows without chewing). The reality is, he needs this done and he’s not getting any younger. I’ve been concerned because he just turned 10 and only 1 pug in my family ever lived that long. I am just not ready to deal with the loss of a pet. I know I’m getting ahead of myself here, but I lost 2 pugs to anesthesia when I was growing up and I am some serious PTSD with this kinda thing. I have found the best doggie orthodontist in the city and made the appointment. Now, it’s just about following through. When you recognize the fragility of life and how fleeting it is, I think it gives you a greater appreciation for it. In this sense, I know most of us outlive our pets and that’s just the reality of life. I suppose it’s because he’s been boarded a lot and we work odd hours so I just don’t play with him like I used to. I feel guilty and I miss him. I really MISS him. I have started to realize that he isn’t going to get to see me do a lot of things, so I want to jam a lot in.

Pugket-listThe “he’s going to be just fine” pugket list:

Crazy dog owner behavior to the max. For Max.

  1. Denim on denim decade brunch for 12 at Neiman’s (won this a charity event/not sure if dogs are allowed)
  2. Remake classic movie scene
  3. costumes…need more costumes
  4. beach trip so he can feel sand in between his toes

What else?!