Going to the mall used to be a fun way to pass some time and look at things I hoped to be able to buy one day. Now, it’s nothing more than a beatdown. I go out of necessity every week to find something new to wear for work, but it’s all the same chain and department store inventory everytime I go. So, I end up buying workout clothes. Have I really turned into that person who goes shopping and buy only workout clothes? Yes. Well, kinda. I bought not one, but TWO pairs of Nike running shoes that look almost identical because I couldn’t decide. The worst part is, I was wearing my workout clothes and had come straight from the gym. As I was looking for real clothes in Neiman Marcus, a sales lady told me I looked cute in my gym gear and asked if I was on my way to the gym or if I was just doing errands. This is what old ladies do right? They wear workout clothes to look like they are going to the gym, but never really have the intention of going. Their workout is shopping? I refused to leave the mall with nothing but 2 pairs of new running shoes, so I went and bought a new pair of sunglasses-Celine shades that are stupid $$ and in bright blue, because that is practical…celine I really just thought I needed to treat myself. In past times, retail truly was therapy. Not just feel better for a second, but actually feel better about life. Not anymore, now I just feel stupid for buying 2 shoes and overpriced trendy sunglasses that I will likely lose or break within a month. I just hate the thought of wasting time. Like the last 3 times I’ve been to the mall and left with nothing. If you buy something, it’s not a waste. Better to waste money than time. That being said, which pair of shoes should I take back later today? I’m a little scared to do that since the employees were not amused by me mocking their untouched stack of Livestrong bracelets.