Santa Claus already at the mall? Really? It’s not even December. Can’t we wait until December at least? I’m such a grinch, I know, I know. I just think that 2 weeks of Christmas music is plenty. Not 6. Christmas is a day, not 1.5 months. Oddly, as much as I don’t tend to get in the Christmas spirit, I have already done most all of my Christmas shopping. Hotel stay with mom instead of gifts, booked. Presents for all of the baby rats, done. Co worker gifts, well that’s only partially done…What would I do without online shopping? It’s perhaps the best thing that has ever happened to my lifetime. Too strong? Ok, it’s the best invention of my lifetime at this point for sure. I lay in bed and order some things on Black Friday as I text friends links to deals I found. It’s all become so much less intimate and so much lazier and I LOVE it. In an effort to be less of a holiday downer, I asked my overly-positive roommate why I hate the holidays so much. She wasn’t much help on this one. We talked for an hour about how divisive our families were as we got older and what a bad taste that left in our mouths. I have no desire to get married anytime soon, but I think that a family is the only hope I have to regain any love for Christmas. Holly and I realized that our apartment is as barren as our hearts. Sad. There is not a single Christmas decoration and I don’t plan on getting any I do have a fake tree in storage somewhere..does that count? Oh wait, my dog is getting a holiday hawk so there’s something festive there.

Since I went all weird and got a delta symbol tattoo on a very exposed part of my arm meaning universal change, I figure I need to live it before the tat becomes a meaningless bad decision. So, I started Pilates. Yes, big change I know. I have decided that I’m going to do Pilates twice a week, yoga twice a week and run alot twice a week. That should get me me fit enough to look good next to my 100 pound friend in Mexico no? I’m kidding, it’s not really about weight loss, it’s about changing the routine. Pilates, yoga, maybe I’ll do some interior decorating? Is there time? And to really top off the changes, I have decided to get rid of 50 percent of my closet. I’m tired of being messy and tired of having so much stuff I don’t wear. I plan on having the friends ransack it this weekend, then take the rest to the Salvation Army. Some kid is going to get some cool skinny jeans and a pair of Uggs this Christmas.