No literally, I’m sick as hell and watching the Superbowl alone. That is how I spent my weekend. I better not be getting the flu. This better just be a cold. I feel slightly better knowing half the office is sick too. That means I didn’t start it all. I could barely pull myself out of bed to go to the thrift shop yesterday and get my male model clothes for the thrift store runway challenge today. Feeling flu-like while walking through a thrift store made me feel like I was in the movie Contagion. I am putting my male model in underwear to at least give me something to look at.

Since I was sick and miserable I went to Whole Foods in a sad attempt at getting healthy stuff. Too late obviously. I got tons of stuff filled with antioxidants. Wheat germ, flaxseed, acai berries. berriesI am sicker this morning now. Borderline puke. I think it’s the health binge I went on last night. Driving to work with the window down so I can catch a breeze so I don’t throw up really defines “a case of the Mondays”. How do you get through the day sounding and looking like you’re not sick? I’ve had Dayquil, Zyrtec, Tylenol and an antidepressant that I haven’t taken in weeks. This should be fun;)