Heartbreaking news. Ok, Ok, that’s a little dramatic. I went in for my first physical since senior year of high school-apparently this is supposed to be a once a year thing?! Well, I was in for some surprises. After I went through the whole scale with clothes on which all girls hate. Why can’t you weight us naked?! Then at least that number is real. When it’s clothes on, I close my eyes. Then I was measured, got 3 vials of blood drawn, was due for a tetanus shot which didn’t hurt until yesterday and now my left arm is nearly immobile and finally the doctor came in. The “works” continued. Lots of pressing on joints and bones and nodes. Then she decided to have me fill out a questionnaire/test to determine if I have ADHD. I have never thought I had this in my life. Apparently, I do and now I need to take medication for it. She then had some concerns about my 15 pounds weight loss from the last time I was weighed in September. Man, was I a porker this summer or what? I blame London. I was practically sweating croissants after that trip and man was it hard to lose. I told the doctor, “No, really, this is my normal weight”. Then came the shocker of  the day. I am only 5’4 and 1/2. All these years, I’ve been telling people that I am 5’6. I could have sworn in high school soccer physicals I was 5’5 and 3/4. I feel like I’ve betrayed so many people all of these years lying about my height. Or I’m just shrinking which is weird. I wish my feet would shrink and my head. Literally, not figuratively.

After all of that news, I celebrated by going vintage furniture shopping. Why? I have no idea. I bought a chair because it was cool even though I have nowhere to put in now. furnitureI guess I just got tired to coming home from the mall empty handed and felt like a mi-century chair would be awesome in some room that no one will ever go in, in some house that I don’t have and won’t have for years. But at least it looks really, really fresh.