I need to get more sleep. I just want to sleep. I think I got a collective 6 hours last week and this weekend I just simply couldn’t sleep. It’s almost like I am SO extremely sleep deprived that I just don’t even know how to sleep anymore. I used to relish Saturday and Sunday mornings because I would sleep 10 -12 hours straight, making up for the lack of sleep I get during the week, but that isn’t the case anymore. Now, I just sleep my standard 4-5 hours and get up depressed about having to spend that much time awake. I should probably start doing yoga. I’ve said that for years. Maybe I really will…sometime this year.

I’ve decided to no longer partake in Sunday Fundays which you would think would be healthier, but not so much. I found myself only leaving the couch and breaking away from football games to go to a Taco Bell where someone was killed in a drive-by shooting last weekend. Clearly, I REALLY wanted some Taco Bell and it was delicious. It was about the time I was ready to actually fall asleep that I realized I had to watch the Emmys. I used to thoroughly enjoy award shows like this, but for some reason it just seems like such a time waster watching these 1 percenters pontificate about their lives. I still do love to see what everyone wears of course. The dressing up would be the best part of the event for me. Heidi Klum was definitely best dressed in my eyes, even though her dress was a little slutty. What is it with the older women looking better by dating younger guys? You couldn’t pay me to date someone younger than me. Hedi Klum and JLo are looking twice as good all because of the younger men. Still not sold on that idea. I hate most guys that are my own age, I definitely can’t go younger.

I always talk about how bad my Sunday blues tend to get. That is exactly why I didn’t have a drink or do anything other than hang out on 3 different couches yesterday. I was with one of Jsi’s friends who has a theater screen and projector and we decided to watch football on one TV on mute and watch Jsi’s Oprah special on the big screen. Him and I both expected to be cracking up even though we knew how serious the show was going to be. But, it’s Jsi right? It’s going to be awesome to watch him on TV. So we froze the screen in the intro and took funny pictures next to him. But about 30 minutes into the show, there was no laughing. It was so emotional and sad that I was balling and had to leave to go see some girlfriends and watch more football because I was so upset. Too heavy for Sunday blues.