Jenna’s Blog:  A Taco Bell kind of weekend
Jenna’s Blog: A Taco Bell kind of weekend

Friday night comes around and I’m more than just typically tired. Like the, barely-keep-my-eyes-open-to-watch-a-movie kinda tired. I kid you not, I got myself a much needed manicure, drove through Taco Bell, and was so worn out I actually got in bed and fell asleep before I could even rent a movie. Friday Night Lights Out at 9pm. It was actually quite glorious, because I woke up Saturday morning feeling like a new person. As I ran to and from my boxing class I ate Taco Bell I had to-I thought to myself, “I am totally content with this kind of lifestyle”. It’s true though. I really have gotten to a point where I feel great with myself staying home alone. Not lonely, not even bored. Then Saturday night comes around and I did the opposite of Friday. Dinner for Kidd with coworkers turned into drinks from other people doing it #forkidd and a very late night.

jenna-blog-pic-072715Whew. I try not to give myself too much of a hard time over staying out late and being hungover since I rarely do that kind of thing anymore, but I really don’t like how I feel on Sundays. So goes it. The good thing about my rare late weekend night adventures, is that I get to see just about anyone I would want to see socially in that few hour span. And when you get to a point where you only see those peripheral friends once or twice a month, there’s plenty to talk about and catch up on. I have a wave of single guy friends now and that’s always enjoyable to hear their stories about breaking up and see just how bad their game has gotten since being in a relationship for a long time. The plus side however, is that the newly single guy still has a great deal of chivalry built up. That’s how I can usually tell if a guy has had girlfriend experience. There’s no hesitation in ordering a drink, grabbing me a stool, hanging my purse, etc. I even had two guy friends kick a creeper out of the bar because they didn’t like how he was looking at me.

I promise it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as it sounds, but as much I know I can take care of myself in all walks of life, I absolutely love feeling protected. This guy had clearly had a long day of drinking and possibly doing other things. He had that wall-leaning-no-blinking-mouth-breathing thing going on. Luckily my guy friend was equally uncomfortable and told the security at the bar. This guy had a meltdown getting escorted out, but even the security told us thank you because that needed to happen and he hadn’t realized how out of control this person was being. Then the lurk waited for us to leave the bar and was yelling things, too slurred to be understood, but yikes. I guess that’s the real downside to being a single girl, but one of those things you can’t bitch about without seeming arrogant. Regardless, the upside for me was having a single guy friend who was concerned enough that he wanted to leave to go somewhere else.

Somewhere else turned into a much later night than planned. I really appreciate all of the free drink and shots so many of our KiddNation family members were offering me, but I’ll be honest, I can’t hang with you. I am literally at my lowest drinking tolerance ever and two drinks has me good for the night. I used to drink out of politeness, but now I either say no, give it to a friend or I discreetly toss the shot on the ground when everyone is taking theirs. I’ve mastered this trick and all girls should. I feel bad every time, but I feel worse turning down someone’s generosity. I should also apologize to whoever has to clean the bar floor, but then again, I’m sure my shot isn’t the worst liquid on that surface at the end of the night:)