All it took was one protein shake poured into a giant Medieval Times glass  for 2 of my girlfriends and I to spend half an hour discussing which was the hotter knight. Holly and I prefer the black and white one and Jessi wants the red one. Just because Jessi has seen Red in street clothes, doesn’t mean anything. Black and Whitey won when Holly and I were front row and I got the love rose after the victory so perhaps I’m a little biased. Let’s get real though. A man dressed in old fashioned gladiator style clothes, riding a horse with a giant pole is pretty hot. How is it possible to spend that amount of time talking about Medieval Times? I bragged that maybe I knew someone that could get us down on the battleground and let us play with the eagle that flies around. I swear, Jessi and Holly looked like I had just told them  they had won the lottery.

See, some of us girls are truly easy to please. Thing went smoothly with us just chilling on the couch, until we started arguing over the remote. I really think Holly and I are like an old married couple, except she’s the wife and the husband. Unless it’s a lesbian relationship and then she’s the male. We’ve already decided this so it’s not even up for discussion anymore;) Anyways, I hardly watch any television anymore-which I know is hard to believe because of this job, but I guess I just started to feel like it’s a time and life-sucker. I watch SportsCenter and the news at the gym everyday and if Homeland, Dexter and Breaking Bad aren’t in season, I just don’t have anything I desire to watch. I put in over an hour with her watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and then she wanted to watch Happy Endings. I said, “it’s my turn to choose and I can’t stand that show.” We proceeded to argue for 10 minutes about it. If this is what married life is like, then I’m out.

We have 3 TV’s in our apartment and when she won’t watch Criminal Minds or anything else because she’s already watched every single show on the DVR, I just retreat to my room and watch it. That’s the solution right? I told her I will watch ONE reality show a week with her. I really mean one hour so The Bachelor is out. I usually prefer a Bravo show if it has to be anything at all. I just really don’t get the appeal in these shows. Why are we sitting here watching other people live life and do things and we are just watching them? I get the mindless aspect of it all and how it’s nice to just relax and get away by watching other people’s drama. However since everything is scripted anyways, even the “reality” stuff, why wouldn’t we just watch the quality scripted shows? I need to go back to watching Intervention again to make me feel better about life. Like, I may be lonely and feel bad about myself but at least I don’t have meth mouth. Now that kind of reality TV serves a purpose.