It is finally here. I didn’t think I’d make it. It is 2013 or as I am going to refer to it: The End of Rock Bottom. I just know this year is going to be good. Wait, that was too positive. Jenna would never say anything that sunny. It did start off rather well. We got an extra day off work, my broken ipad miraculously started working again (yay) and I keep getting really killer parking spots. Something is in the air;)

It feels like forever since we’ve been gone from work, but it also kinda went by quickly. It’s like just as I start feeling rested and normal again that alarm is getting set back to 3 am. At least I don’t feel completely creatively depleted like I did back in December.

I really never make resolutions. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever once made a single New Year’s resolution. This year is different though since 2012 sucked so bad. I got an early start on one thing. Since one of my resolutions for the New Year is to “trim the fat” in every since of the expression, I have been doing 2 a days at the gym and got rid of half of my belongings. Yes, I really threw away half of my clothes. Actually, I put them out to take to Goodwill so Sandy victims could get them, but 24 hours later the entire room of clothes in my apartment was gone. Yes, Hilly Billy rat roommate put them all in her closet. I still feel like I cleaned my life a bit. Then came Mexico.

My friend Molly and I headed to Playa Del Carmen and Tulum, Mexico for a much needed break. It was really the perfect 5-day lesbian style honeymoon. King sized bed, personal hot tub, couples massage, romantic dinners. Though I would like to change teams at this point in my life, I still like guys…unfortunately. I’ll admit it, we went to sleep before 9 pm a couple of nights. We alternated days of drinking a ton of sugary frozen Miami I made it through about 20 of the 400 pages of my Mick Jagger book and slept a ton. It was glorious. Check out the pics on my Facebook page-they do the trip way better justice than my words can. Tulum was such a hidden gem and just one of the coolest places I’ve been. Kinda hippie, partially gentrified yet slightly undiscovered. The Mayans were wrong and I was at the top of the ruins when the world was supposed to end so maybe that will erase whatever curse was cast on me last year. I left Mexico with a Mayan calendar, a tiny pug sombrero and a serious margarita muffin top.

jenna_mexicoVices on the beach with exploring the Mayan ruins.

I really needed that getaway to clear the head. Spent way too much money on it, but hey, experiences are the things we really keep right? Once I came home I took a quick trip to Austin to see my momma and took her to a health retreat for Christmas Eve. I know. What the hell. Health and holidays seem like quite the paradox. Don’t worry, I found a way to consume food like a gladiator in training. Candy and I were 2 of about 5 people in the entire resort. Yes, there was a single on Christmas Eve and Christmas so I suppose things aren’t that grim for me;) We spent some great quality time together and ate antelope. Oh yes, trying new things is also a resolution of mine.


Once I got back home, I fell into an obsessive movie watching phase. I saw Django Unchained-holy shit i loved it, Silver Linings Playbook-also loved it and at least I’m not that crazy. Then I rented an Oscar winning movie from last year called Beginners because I heard it was awesome and had never seen it. Then I watched it again. And again. So I’ve seen Beginners 4 times now and I just really love it. Since a lot of you probably haven’t seen it, I won’t bore you with all of the things I loved about it. There’s just something so tangible about it all. It made me feel really, really lonely. So I cried. Then I watched Beaches for the first time. And I really cried. I thought I was all cried out from 2012. Spoke too soon. But then again, who doesn’t love a good movie cry? You know even guys do it. Don’t tell me you all didn’t cry in The Notebook. Ok, Rudy?

I did learn a few new things this break.
Big Boi’s new album is really really tight and was the soundtrack to my vacation.
Drinks called Crack Babies are dangerous and will result in puking with your friend until 6 in the morning. UGH.
And finally, red wine makes everyone look ugly in pictures. I drank so much red wine over this vacation I seriously look like I have meth mouth in every NYE photo. Yep, still alone;)