I am getting to the point where I’m starting to question how “healthy”, healthy things are. I have been spending so much money buying coconut water and cleanse juices and I have no doubt that with exercise and eating right you lose weight, but is my body really benefiting from this? I have finally acquired a taste for this coconut water stuff but I am drawing the line at Kombucha. Have you ever tried this stuff? It’s supposedly great for digestion and all sorts of other things your body “needs”. It tastes like vinegar and seaweed. I bet my own urine tastes better than this stuff. I know that sounds gross, but I’ve been drinking about 2 liters of water a day, so my pee is as clear as water. I bet it would be better that Kombucha. NO, no stunt is going to happen here. I’m not in Man v. Wild and he’s probably faking it anyways. So can someone weigh in on this coconut water thing? Is it worth it? Is mixing it with alcohol on the weekend a healthy way to have fun at the same time? What if the vodka is organic?

On another note. Why are all the best vacation packages for couples? I went to Mexico on a much needed vacation over Christmas, but had to do the honeymoon package for 2 since those are the best deals. I’m faced with this all over again for spring break. I want to go on a 3 way vacay and my choices are 2 or 4 people. Like it’s not bad enough to be single and want a boyfriend solely for the purpose of going on the occasional vacation and spending 2 nights a week together. kingsizebedWhy don’t they have the polygamist package? 3 girls can easily share one king sized bed. Do we sneak one in? Can I pay extra for a rollaway? Now I don’t want the rollaway, but c’mon.