I woke up this morning to a cat kneading my butt. We all know how much I LOVE cats….Actually, it’s not that I don’t like cats, I just prefer other animals over them. So how is it that I have a cat in my bed you ask? My homeless friend needed some help. She really is homeless, albeit only for a week or so, but I will continue to call her homeless lady until she finds a place. My girlfriend has a nightmare of a roommate situation and in order to get out of it, she has to get them both evicted and that means she also doesn’t have anywhere to stay until she finds a new apartment. For some reason no one wanted to watch her cat and gave her the allergy excuse so of course I am not going to say no. I would hope that if I found myself in a similar situation, there would be one person in this city that would watch my dog. Not trying to complain, but this cat kept me up all night. It meows and cries and scratches and purrs and does lots of cat things. I am sleepy and this cat is going to sleep all day and then when I go to nap, I guarantee it’s going to be the same thing all over again. I actually don’t mind as much as it sounds like, I’m just grouchy because I’m tired. I’m going to get that cat stoned off of cat nip. Then he will be chill. Tough situations with friends are always interesting to me. Whether it be a guy issue, family issue, work issue I am always great at giving advice. It’s weird because I never know what to do for myself in situations.

Here goes Holly leaving me again so I’m glad I have a friend to stay. I always tend to get into trouble when I’m at home alone for too long. I used to be a homebody, but lately I’ve been way too social. I can’t find the happy medium. It’s either I stay in ALL the time and don’t want to meet anyone new or I am on a downward spiral-leaving my credit card at bars, running to get my car the next day because I left it there. I think it’s purely because I didn’t go out for so long, combined with the London trip. Yea, I am just going to lay the blame on London. That’s it.