What do you do when you want to hire someone to do something, you just don’t have a whole lotta money to pay them? Here’s the thing. After a long week of work and work travel, I came home yesterday to an empty apartment. I lugged all of my things upstairs, turned football on and unpacked my suitcase. At this point, I haven’t eaten in 12 hours and I was starving. Since my roommate has a serious boyfriend, she isn’t home much and definitely never grocery shops anymore. We have literally no food. I would normally steal something from her since I’m too tired to get myself to the store, but all we have in our fridge is beer, frozen fruit and expired almond milk. But I’m so huuuuuunnnggggggyyyy. I open the top pantry cabinet to see if perhaps something is hiding. Maybe a canned good I can quickfire Top Chef into something palatable. This is when I dumped a handful of Tums into my mouth, brushed my teeth and called it a night. Yes, I ate Tums for dinner and no, it’s not because I was feeling sick. If that’s not a low point in life, then I don’t know about low points.

tums-bottle-blogI suppose you could also label me lazy, but I was just that tired. So, this scenario got me to thinking how it would be so helpful to have some help occasionally. I don’t have tons of disposable income to pay someone to work for me. I also don’t have that much to give someone to do everyday. I just have a lot of time-consuming things each week that I simply don’t have the time or energy for. I know many people have helpful significant others, handymen, maids/nannies that do extra things. I don’t have anyone to swing by the store on their way home from work, or pick up my medicine when I’m sick. I just wonder if the part, part-time candidate even exists. I just want someone to walk my dog in the morning, grocery shop for me once a week and pick up my dry cleaning/prescriptions. I probably have 6-8 hours of extra stuff to do each week and am starting to feel the time v. money pressure. I desperately want free time to be spent doing things that make me feel better. Sleeping, working out, reading for work, etc. I understand life is full of beatdown errands, but I want a little bit of help. Enough whining. Time for applying. Who’s in?