What is the worst way to start your day? I just realized what mine is. I look ridiculous walking into work this morning crying hysterically, but I ran over someone’s cat on the way to work. I feel so horribly, miserably, awful about it that it’s actually quite difficult to put into words. I know things like this happen and it was an accident. The cat darted in front of my car and there was just nothing I could do, but the noise and the feeling of knowing you just murdered someone’s cat is heartbreaking.

I know this was likely more than some stray cat because it happened directly in front of the place I board my dog and where I used to take him to the vet. makeupI now feel worse for not going back to check and see if it had a collar, but I just couldn’t take the chance that it was still barely alive and dying a slow death. I can’t handle it. I can’t handle doing that. I definitely can’t handle my emotions right now.

I just immediately think about how devastated I’d be if I went to pick up my dog and the people told me that he got out in the middle of the night and was found dead in the middle of the street. I am just so sorry.  Can something really good happen to me for once? Or how about just nothing bad for a week? That’s really all I have to blog about because it’s all I can think about. Now I can’t cry because I have 3 pounds of makeup on for TV. Don’t you hate when you kill an animal and can’t cry because of your fake lashes?