I survived the mother-in-law weekend! Just kidding, Kinsey’s mom and I have a pretty awesome relationship, but it was a bit of an odd weekend. We had plans on Saturday to have fun. We had a lil party to go to in the morning, then we would all come home and rest for a bit, and we were going to finish it off with a crazy Saturday night. Key word in there: “were”. So what happened? Sometime between Friday and Saturday, Kinsey’s mom, Kinsey’s sister, and I got sick. All three of us got some sort of stomach bug. Luckily, Kinsey’s mom was staying down the street and Kinsey’s sister’s house, because my house would not have been able to accommodate regurgitation nation. So as you would imagine, that pretty much ended up ruining our Saturday plans… and our Sunday plans. My poor mother in law had to fly yesterday to take care of her mom and sister, but it was a short flight. She did get to spend quality time with Cason, except on Saturday. And we did learn not to go eat at a brand new “authentic” Mexican shop in the sketchy part of town. My bad. Sometimes those places have the best Mexican food… and sometimes their fish tacos can be contaminated. It’s like playing the lottery. Kinsey won that lottery because she didn’t get sick… mostly because she doesn’t eat fish.

So on Saturday, Kinsey kept her plans and went to a lil party for a minute and I stayed back with Cason. We ended up watching Bambi, and I will admit that I was probably into the movie waaaaaay more than he was. It was my first time watching it since I was probably 4, so I count it as my first time watching it. I was emotionally invested in it. Cason was not. He laughed at Thumper a couple of times, but that’s it. I ended up not being able to finish the movie, because he started throwing a fit and I only got about 35 minutes into it. So can I, as a grown man, go back and finish watching it by myself? Or is that weird? Pretty weird, huh?

 And it has started, I have been receiving messages about that show I am going to be on, on the OWN channel. Apparently, people are watching Oprah’s network. I am not planning on watching it, mostly because I don’t want to relive that, and because I think it’s better to move forward, and I feel watching it may be a step back. I don’t want to see or hear something my mom said prior to seeing her. I feel like that would be a step backwards. I wanted the end result from the show, and got that. I don’t want to get angry again because her views on the events that took place are probably completely opposite of my views. That’s a smart thing to do right? On the other hand, I wont know if they made me come across as a complete jackass… but I do that on a daily basis. 🙂