Justin Bieber caught having a tantrum at TODAY show

Vanessa Williams returns to Miss America pageant… Nicole Arbour’s infamous video… Margaret Cho’s new show… Lewis Hamilton is with Kendall Jenner… and Justin Bieber caught having a tantrum at TODAY show

Remember way back in 1984 when the first black Miss America Vanessa Williams was stripped of her crown after some very nude, very provocative photos surfaced? Rather than hide away in shame for the rest of her life, Vanessa went on to have an incredible career and now she’s back as a judge for this Sunday’s Miss America pageant. BUT! There’s a bit of confusion as to how this is going to go down on live TV. From what TMZ is hearing, Vanessa agreed to appear at the beginning of the show where a Miss America official would apologize for forcing her to resign 31 years ago and then Vanessa would then be presented with a new crown. But the pageant officials said they were under the impression that Vanessa would be the one apologizing for her actions and then they’d give her a new crown. If they can’t come to an agreement, Vanessa may drop out as a judge, which would be really bad because they’ve been promoting the heck out of this.

In America, we have this thing called Freedom of Speech. You can say whatever you want, but you may have to pay the consequences. One Canadian is finding that out the hard way. Nicole Arbour is the woman behind the “Dear Fat People” video on her YouTube channel, which now has close to 3.5 million views. She’s standing behind her words, but it’s costing her a job. Nicole was hired to be the choreographer for an upcoming movie, “Don’t Talk to Irene.”  Director Pat Mills said the movie is about a 16-year-old girl who dreams of being a cheerleader, but is constantly being bullied for being fat.” Pat said when he hired Nicole, she was “fun and nice and had a lot of energy. She seemed like a perfect fit for the project.” But after seeing Nicole’s fat-shaming video, Pat says he never wants to see her again.

Margaret Cho did such an awesome job as a guest host when the revamped “Fashion Police” returned after the VMAs that they brought her back a second time. She knocked it out of the park a second time and now RadarOnline is reporting that E! executives are hoping Margaret will agree to join the show full time.

After a brief dalliance with Rihanna, it looks like Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton is back dilly-dallying with Kendall Jenner. The were spotted hanging out together in NY where Kendall is working some shows for Fashion Week.

Some are calling Justin Bieber a brat for what happened after his “Today” show performance yesterday morning. Justin had just performed his number one hit “What Do You Mean?” and he wasn’t happy with the camera’s positioning. When they were heading into commercial break, Justin assumed his mic was off and started complaining, “The camera’s there the whole time, I might as well not even dance. What do I even do this for if they are just going to . . . ” and then they cut to commercial before we could hear the rest of what he had to say. A source close to the Biebs says Justin was upset that one of the cameramen was too close to him, which screwed up his choreography and he was frustrated because he’s a perfectionist.


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