Justin Bieber is a spitter

Justin Bieber is a spitter, Scott Disick may not be the baby daddy of Kourtney Kardashian’s son, Faye Resnick could be the most hated person on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Rob Kardashian freaks out on the paparazzi.

Kyle Richards‘ BFF Faye Resnick seemed to be jockeying for a full-time spot on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” She kept butting into conversations and sticking her nose where it didn’t belong. And she definitely got a reaction from viewers…a very negative reaction. Faye was shocked by all the hateful tweets aimed at her. She says it’s ruining her life. And even though Bravo execs love the drama she’s stirred up on the show, Faye isn’t interested in being on any future episodes.

 A female photographer snapped a picture of Rob Kardashian with his shirt off and he went ballistic. The woman says he grabbed her camera and took her memory card. He doesn’t want anybody seeing that big old belly he’s trying to get rid of! He promised the woman he’d give her money for the memory card later and took off. She filed a robbery report with the police, who are now investigating.

A male model from Greece thinks he may be the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s son, Mason, even though she says absolutely, positively that her baby daddy is Scott Disick. Michael Girgenti told “In Touch” that he and Kourtney did a photo shoot together back in 2008 and a few months later, they hooked up. It was just a one time thing. Afterward, Michael says he tried to keep in contact with Kourtney by text, but she stopped responding. Well, guess what? About 9 months later, Kourtney gave birth to Mason! Michael asked for a DNA test before and now he’s asking again because he believes Mason is his. And you have to admit, Mason does look a lot like Michael….

Amanda Bynes says she moved from LA to NYC to avoid the paparazzi. So where do you go when you want to avoid the paparazzi in NYC? Times Square! Amanda was roaming all over the place — and I mean ALL over the place — with a blue button-down shirt over her head, covering her entire face. She came dangerously close to running into a metal pole and into oncoming traffic — and of course it was all caught by the paparazzi.

Justin Bieber’s neighbor walked over to his house to complain that he was driving too fast through the neighborhood, almost hitting his wife and his dog. The neighbor claims Justin threatened to kill him him and then spit on him!! GROSS! He filed a police report and the sheriff’s department is now investigating. The case will also be referred to the LA County DA’s Office. This spitting stuff is serious! Justin could be prosecuted for this! Several prosecutors in the DA’s Office told TMZ that spitting on someone is considered an extremely aggressive and disgusting act. Meantime — even though they’ve been broken up for 3 months, Justin’s chauffer-driven party van was parked behind the gates of Selena Gomez’s driveway for more than an hour yesterday. They reportedly left her home separately.

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