Katy Perry and John Mayer back on??

Why hasn’t Uncle Rob met Kim’s new baby?…What’s the real reason Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux put their wedding on hold?…and Miley’s threatening Tweet to her dad.

Remember how Katy Perry told “Vogue” magazine that she was madly in love with John Mayer but was definitely done with him because of that whole “beautiful mind, tortured soul” thing? Well, the two of them certainly seemed very much together on Monday night! They attended The Friars Foundation gala honoring Don Rickles together. They didn’t walk the red carpet as a couple, but at the dinner inside, a source says the two of them acted like there was nobody else in the room. After Katy performed, she and John left hand-in-hand.

So Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have postponed their wedding. Is it because of their busy schedules? Is it because they want to wait until Christmas when they both have time off to enjoy the moment? Nope! RadarOnline.com says they’ve learned that the real reason the wedding is on hold is because Justin hates living in LA and wants to move back to NYC, but Jennifer refuses to go. A source says Jennifer’s done everything she can to make Justin happy. She built him an almost 2000-square-foot guest house that he can use as a man cave, where he can have his buddies over and he can play his music. But Justin just isn’t happy. He misses the energy and the grit of NYC. The source says even though this is a huge conflict between the couple, it’s not going to break them up.

Remember how I told you Justin Bieber and his entourage showed up at that indoor skydiving place in Las Vegas and they got banned for life because Justin didn’t Instagram it in lieu of payment like he promised? It turns out there was a certain someone in that entourage that Justin may or may not be dating now. Her name is Jordan Ozuna and a source says she’s a model/cocktail waitress from Vegas. A source told E! News that she was sitting on Justin’s lap and they were kissing. So I guess it’s time for her to delete her Twitter because all the Beliebers should start threatening her here pretty soon….

  Maybe he’s met the baby by now, but as of last check, Rob Kardashian told E! News that he still hasn’t met his new niece, North West. He said he wanted to but was told that Kim just wanted to keep things calm and just have her mom, Kris Jenner, there to help her. So Rob hasn’t met the baby, but guess who has? Steve Wozniak! He told Piers Morgan that he was Kanye’s birthday present! Apparently Kanye is interested in technology and companies, so Kim invited him to come with the house and meet with him. Happy birthday, Kanye! But maybe the reason Rob hasn’t met the baby yet is because he’s one of the ones Kim thinks tried to sell pictures of North to gossip sites. So screw you, Uncle Rob!

Even though they were seen having lunch together on Sunday and looking rather affectionate, the divorce is still on for Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife, Tish. But Miley is being a little brat with her Twitter. After her mom filed for a divorce last week, Miley tweeted to her dad, “Since your text and email obviously aren’t working would you like to talk like this?” She quickly deleted it. But then this past Monday night, Miley jumped on Twitter again, basically accusing her dad of having an affair and threatening, “Since you wont reply to my texts I’m giving you an hour to tell the truth of i’ll tell it for you.” She also attached a picture of this red-headed woman who apparently co-starred with Billy Ray in the Broadway musical “Chicago” last year. The hour deadline passed and Miley deleted the threatening tweet. But she added this one, “Wtf? My twitter was just actin all types of cray!” By the way, Billy Ray hasn’t tweeted since June 5. 

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