I finally got six hours of sleep all at once, as opposed to six hours of sleep total from the two nights before. It should’ve been only five hours of sleep, but my body begged me to keep hitting snooze. Each time I fumbled for that button, I would rationalize another reason why I could afford to keep napping in nine minute spurts. Yes, I could get by without washing my hair, but due to the fact that I managed to squeeze in a spray tan Wednesday evening that needed to be rinsed off before it continued cooking me to an odd shade of Jamaican, I could not avoid the shower. So I finally dragged myself out of bed, slogged my way into the bathroom and rifled through boxes looking for body wash (found it) and a wash cloth (didn’t find it). That’s when I turned on the water and realized I must’ve forgotten to check the “Hot Water” box on my list of new home requirements. On the bright side, I was wide awake when I got out of that shower.

moving-boxesOnce the feeling returned to my extremities, I went about the business of finding clothes to wear this morning. I know in my heart there’s a box of underwear sitting somewhere in that house. My goal when I get off work today is to get back home and find it.