I think I gave my daughter sad puppy face one time too many because Emma Kelly was back in bed with me on Friday night. But I was so happy to have her messy curls tickling my nose and her warm little body draped around mine again! I told her, though, that since she had made that big, grownup decision to sleep alone that we would have to go back to doing that on school nights. We could look forward to having our special slumber parties on the weekends, but on school nights, she would be in her bed and I would be in mine. Of course, Sunday night rolled around and EK started whimpering. Before I knew what was happening — and without much resistance on my part — we were all snuggled up and giggling in my daughter’s bed — me, EK and stinky George. What is up with my dog’s breath lately?? Ugh!!

george-in-bowAnyway, I’ve probably caused some sort of developmental setback with my daughter, but it looks like we’re back to square one in the sleeping department. But after the outpouring I got from listeners who sleep with their kids despite the cockeyed judgment of “better” parents, I’m really okay with it. EK will probably take another stab at my heart and insist on sleeping alone again within the next week or two, so I’m just going to enjoy it while it lasts.